Phillip Alexander
Saturday, April 27, 1996.

Saw Garth in Manhatten, KS on Saturday April 27. WOW!! He sang a new song called "Which One of Them Will Be You Tonight" it was great. He also changed the show from the night before when my brother went. Instead of "Night Moves" he sang "Turn the Page" acoustic. If anybody is going to his show make sure you are in your seats when it begins because it'll blow the roof off the place. THE SHOW WAS AWESOME!!!!!

Ben Buckliew
Saturday, April 27, 1996

I went to the concert at Bramlage Coloseum on Saturday. It was Awesome. My seats were great. On the floor, nine rows back!! I was about fifteen feet away from the Man. Well, enough about me. Here's a little bit about the show.

The show started at 8:00 p.m. There were two guys who sang three or four songs at eight. Unfortunately, I cannot remember their names. Anyways, they were pretty good. I know they were sent out there to warm up the crowd, but the crowd didn't need it. Everybody was going crazy waiting for Garth to start. At 8:55, the announcer came over the loudspeaker and said, "Five minutes until lift-off." The crowd went nuts. At 9:00, the lights went down in the stadium and the rocket started taking off. The lighting rig slowly started to rise off the stage as smoke poured down from the roof. It was so loud that I could see the smoke vibrating. Then I heard the best sound I had heard all night. "Well, I said a little prayer tonight before I came on stage." Then, a white piano started to rise from the back of the stage with a man seated at it in a white tux and a white hat. Everybody is going crazy thinking that the man was Garth.

However, as the piano finished rising, Garth stepped out of the piano. I couldn't believe it. Garth was here!!!! The concert took off from there. In between songs, Garht would take the time to introduce the members of his crew. At one point, he went through a long story about the new bass player. He was getting ready to tell us his name when he said that he had just screwed up. He wasn't supposed to introduce him yet. He said that he was real embarrassed and that he would re-introduce him later. He ended up introducing all of the Kansas members together.

Steve McClure, who plays backup giutar and steel guitar, is from a town fifteen mile from where I live. That's cool. Garth ended his regular set with his best song, The Dance. We ended up getting him to come back out for five encores. Yes, five encores. The encore songs were "Ain't Goin' Down 'til the Sun Comes Up", "The Change", "She's Every Woman", "Turn the Page" by Bob Seger, and "American Pie" by Don Maclean. I love that song and to hear Garth sing it was great. The concert was the best. If you can get tickets, get them.