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Dublin, Ireland Concert Review

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Steven Walsh

Just got back to England after seeing Garth in Dublin. We queued from 2pm to get a front row standing in the very centre of the stage.

The concert was very similar to his other's (after reading some of the earlier reviews).Except for....

We participated in a new song called "tear it up and burn it down" (I think it was called that). The crowd's part was 3 claps and a shouted hey (3 times) and then 3 claps and a long Hey, at the start of the song and again at the end of the song. If Croke Park had had a roof we would have lifted it clean off. All the way through we sang his songs back to him which made him really emotional.

Jimmy the fiddle player was dragged into the crowd in front of me but survived the ordeal with everything intact, later Garth made him go back to the scene of his "incident" to play a solo, Strangely he seemed a little anxious, Garth insisted he step right to the edge before allowing him to play, Poor lad. For his encore Garth played ......Cat Stevens "Wild World" Elton John's "Rocket Man" And of course "American Pie"

At the end the bouncers/stewards asked the fans up front to stay behind after the main crowd had left, for something special that Garth would explain. Trisha Yearwood and Susan Ashton were signing Autographs and some of the band members were shaking hands with the crowd, I was there to touch them all. Garth was filming "The River" for his new live album and video and wanted to ride on the crowd on top of our outstretched hands. I was supporting an arm and then a leg, whilst my wife had her hands on his shoulder, then arm, left buttock and left leg. I'm sure she was on his butt for far too long ;-) He asked us to not take his hat or his mic. and to stay off his zipper region.:-) We carried him out into the crowd, around a camera and back to the stage.

He said he trusted the Irish crowd enough to do it and said he wouldn't have been able to that anywhere else. At the very end he asked for 3 young brothers to carried over our heads to stand with him on the stage, where he told them to stick together as a family and look out for one another. Then the drummer gave them each a drumstick and then Garth gave them his hat to share. They seemed a little overwhelmed. Oh yes we went for all 3 concerts.

Kevin Darcy

I must admit to not being the greatest Garth Brooks fan in the world, and I wasn't really too bothered about going to the concert, but that soon changed... I like right beside Croke Park so it was fairly obvious when the Garth Brooks road show arrived. The presence wasn't really felt intil the stage (which was at first what caught my interest) was erected. It coevered practically one third the witdh of the pitch and the entire length. My levels of interest were then raised once the lighting checks started. I had heard that the effects were spectacular, and I wasn't let down.

On the Thursday night, before the first concert, we were treated to a rehersal. It was great.....just a taste of what was to come. The Friday night arrived and and crowds had been gathering all day. The que for my entrance for the stadium was about 500 meters long!. I didn't get into the stadium until about 20 minutes before he came on. As I entered the stadium, he drove past me in a cortege, making his way to the stage.....then it hit me..that was going to be one hell of a concert. I literally ran into the stadium and made my way to the centre. I was only a few feet away from what I would discover to be a smaller stage that he would use during the concert. I waited, then it started...we got the intoduction...hearts began to pound.....slowly a piano appeared then the voice...a hugh roar when up as it was recognised....

Not know the words to a lot of his songs (except the really well known ones) didn't detract one bit from my enjoyment of the concert. We were introduced to his wife, who made a brief appearance on stage, and the band......and got the "Embarrase the crap out of Jimmy" experience. It truely was and unforgettable night. Excellent performances matched by superbe lighting effects.

The classic Garth Brooks songs had their desired effects with the crowds in best voice, singing along to Friends in low places, If tomorrow never comes, Unanswered prayers (my favourite), Thunder rolls and The dance. We even got to be part of a live album, and part of the video of his new song, which for me was one of the best parts of the night. During the concert we were even showered in green, white and gold streames fired by Garth from Arnie type weapons.

It was a truely energetic show, with an non-stop pace. Garth gave his all and seemed to really enjoy the experience. The night ended on a high note with the release of glitter bombs during The Dance. It being the final night, several encore's were played. He knew that the curfew was 11:00 pm but he said that he didn't care and would pay any fines imposed (what a guy!!). We got as our first encore, then he returned to do an acoustic set consisting of Elton John's "Mr. Rocketman" and American Pie.

It was easily the best concert I have ever seen, and I am now a converted Garth Brooks fan!.

Kevin McCarthy

Yes folks its sad to say it , but the 3 Irish concerts are over. Here is my view of things. I went to both the friday and saturday concerts and by far the saturday was a much better all around show. Dont get me wrong Friday blew my mind, but GB seemed more relaxed on saturday and the crowd was more wild than ever.

Anyway I began queueing at 4 pm for gate sto open at 6pm. 6:05 was i was 6 people deep from centre stage. 2 hours to go and the clock was ticking. At 8pm the opening act of Bryan Kennedy and co. opened (including James Garver ). They really got the crowd going in good form with them singing and dancing in the stands. 9pm, we were given the 5 minute warning. The crowd goes mad. The stage begins to take shape, lighting moves into position, the place begins to vibrate at the noise, and then " Woh I said a little prayer last night, 'fore I came on stage.........

The piano lifts out of the ground, with what likes like a scene from the "Red Strokes", video, then the man himself appears coming out of the piano. The crowd at this stage are going insane with delight....... The show is on, 3 years I have been waiting for this. It was worth the wait. The concert was primarily based around the old stuff, including, Friends in low places, the Dance, The River etc. At one point just before the Thunder Rolls the crowd began to sing an Irish football song and then stared the Mexican wave. GB just stood back and for a few minutes we entertained him. His eyes told his true feelings. GB was home. Only one chord of each song had to be played before the crowd began to sing. Lets just say, I don't think I have a voice left..... GB then introduced Sandy and she got as big a welcome as the man himself. When she left, the crowd called her bak again, so this time she carried the Irish flag with her, need I say anymore. 2 hours of sheer enjoyment later, GB closed the show with Don McCleans American Pie. It was a very special moment..........

Throughout the concert we were informed thats these 3 concerts, are being 1. filmed for video, 2. recoreded for a live album. Also we got one song off the brand new studio album called " Tear it up and pull it down......" keep your eyes on CMT in the next few months......

To cap it all off after the saturday concert, I got a taxi to the hotel he was staying in . Unfortunatly GB was gone to bed, but i had the pleasure of meeting all the band, Mike, Steve, James etc. Also I met Susan and Trisha, who were very nice. Not many can say they gat a kiss on the cheek from Trisha Yearwood and Susan Ashton. I also met the starting band of Bryan Kennedy, etc. It was one of the best moments of my life. The band were so nice, I assume that just being there on my own helped. If there were a few hundred people at the hotel it might have been different.

So the 3 days and nights of pure fun are over. GB has come home and gave the greatest show the Irish people will ever see. He has reinforced himself as the King of music. His music has touched my soul and to actually see him standing and sing just 10 feet away from me was magic. It was an honour to be there. I hope all yee fans that have seen him can appreciate how i feel today. These concerts will always be remembered.

To GB, thanks for the moment, I think I have had my Dance

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