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Garth Brooks Production Takes Over Wilson County,TN Town
Sunday, September 30, 2001

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For the past two days, country music star Garth Brooks and a film crew have taken over a small Wilson County town.

Garth had announced his retirement last year, but like many superstars, he's back.

Garth has one more project to complete. News 2's Jane Lorenzini traveled to Watertown, population 1300 to give you a close-up look of the production...and a big star.

Watertown's small population swelled by nearly 100 people, but all townfolk cared about was one.

Country music star Garth Brooks and crew rolled in Sunday and let peaceful Watertown roll back the clock.

Watertown Mayor Mike Jennings said, "This is small town America...when people look at the square it looks like what everybody remembers."

While the film crew settled in, news of Garth's visit spread faster than forks on a plate of Lela Beadle's homemade fried pies.

Lela Beadle of Beadle's Grocery made Garth some of her best pies, "I made apple, peach, chocolate and apricot..."

Did the guest of honor indulge?

"No, I haven't yet...but I think I only have 70 or 80 in the base of the bus. I can't eat until the end of filming, but when I'm done..look out!" Garth laughs.

Watertown is the backdrop for Garth's latest music video, 'Wrapped Up in You". The single debuts next week. Brooks had planned to release "Beer Run", a duet with George Jones.

"...with what happened on September 11th, 'Beer Run' didn't seem appropriate for the we went with something that was still happy...Americana...More appropriate."

Along with the music video, Garth's also shooting his first product endorsement, a Dr. Pepper commercial.

Garth wraps up his visit to Watertown Monday night..then it's off to his own small town.

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