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Stillwater Update:

Tyler England's new CD is coming out in November. Get the details at

Dave Gant also has a new project. Check in with Dave at his site

  The Planet Garth Link Directory

Coming Soon

The newest addition to Planet Garth is coming in a few weeks....
The Planet Garth Link Directory (we'll come up with a shorter name).

What is the Link Directory?
The idea behind the Link Directory is simply to be a mini-Yahoo for Garth/Country Music sites. In our 5 years on the web, we've never had a links page, so we've got some catching up to do.

When will it be out?
We're shooting for mid-March 2001.

Will it be just Garth sites?
No. We plan to link to as many country music sites as our readers can contribute. From George Strait to George Jones we'll look at them all. We're also looking for sites related to Garth's non-country influences such as Billy Joel and James Taylor. You may even see some non-music, but still Garth like sites.

What can readers contribute?
We'll need you to suggest the sites. And soon after, you can write reviews about the site, suggest new categories, vote for your favorite site, etc... We'll start accepting site submissions in a few days.


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