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Thread: Blowout in Louisville

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    Blowout in Louisville

    Wow! Saturday night in Louisville was my third Kentucky concert and the best of the three. The crowd was loud and as Garth said "the singingest dang bunch of the weekend. Garth and Stillwater just seemed to feed off of the crowd. Mike even went off stage before he was introduced after Callin Baton Rouge and ended up in the upper section slapping and shaking hands with the crowd. Then when Garth did his final bow before he left for good he made home state boy Jimmy come back out for a final bow to the crowd. He sang the longest of any of the four times I have seen Garth. He sang To Make You Feel My Love as part of his regular set. In the encore he sang two songs I had never heard him do live, Alabama(Kentucky)Clay and Belleau Wood. Awesome! He also did Shameless in the regular set, and for you ladies out there this time it was a Shamless thrust instead of Shamless Swivell. Garth is always great but this one will stand out in my mind always as something extra special. Thanks Garth and Stillwater and all the hard working boys in the crew.

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    Saturday night in Louisville was just as awesome as you described it, but I have to say that the most greatest part of the night was when Garth revealed that he was going to let us sing the live version of "Friends in Low Places" for his upcoming album. THANK YOU, GARTH! I screamed the entire third verse, and I think just about everyone else did, too. Oh, and I can't forget how Garth told us he'd let us sing "Piano Man," and then package a tape of it up and send it to Billy Joel. Garth is great to us, his fans. I loved the way he brought the woman up onto the stage whose sign said, "This is my 4th night here," and sat beside her while he and Trisha sang "In Another's Eyes," to her. She is so lucky! The concert was probably the best I'll ever see, unless his next tour is better, and Jimmy Mattingly, the Kentucky boy, was SPECTACULAR! Jimmy is the man, next to Garth, of course.N

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    Hey there everybody!
    <br>Sounds like Sat was great. I was there on Friday, and it too, was totally cool. The crowd was soooo into it. After all the encores, everyone was still so loud. Right before he went to exit for the last time, he turned around and went back to center stage and then bowed/fell to his knees -- just like Ireland! Soooooooo cool. I was wondering if he has done this at other shows --- anybody?
    <br>I took 4 beach balls and we had a great time with them (until security tried to take them away - what's up with that?) I wrote stuff all over them - even www.planetgarth.com, along with alot of other stuff. One made it up on stage during 2PC and went down the steps, under the stage. :)
    <p>Debbie - I forgot what row your seats were in - I should of written it down, but thought I would remember. Sorry we didn't get to meet up with each other.
    <p>I don't know if I will get to anymore shows this tour - they are all pretty far except for Minneapolis, and hopefully I'll get to do that, but if not, Friday will make for lots of great memories.
    <p>Thanks, CherylN

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    I too was there on Friday and it was extremely awesome. That was the fourth time I'd seen him perform and this was definately the best one I've seen. He was so entertaining(like always)but even more so. I have to say he just gets better and better everytime. I'd heard that all of his shows in Louiville were different. I knew people who went each different night and they all said something different. That is so cool that he adds such variety to each concert. Makes me want to try and get tickets for each night next time. N

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    I'm crushed!! It sounds like Friday night, the one I was at, was the only Louisville show he DIDN'T do TMYFML. I was soooo excited about seeing that, cuz I'm in love with that song! Oh well, guess I'll just have to try to get to another show.
    <p>It was wonderful to see Trisha open, though. At the shows in Chi she only made limited appearances.

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    Debbie, I think Garth only did TMYFML on Sat. night. He did it as part of his regular set and before he sang it he said he had not done the song yet in Louisville and he was still a little hesitate to do it since it was such a new song.N

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