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Thread: Saturday In Lexington

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    Saturday In Lexington

    Wow! Garth said at the opening we are going to do things a little differently tonight. I didn't know how right he was. Standing Outside The Fire, Anonymous, To Make You Feel My Love were amoung the those he did. The crowd was awesome and so was Garth and Stillwater. In a light moment James stumbled and fell down while running across the stage and in doing so undercut poor Debbie who kinda fell on James. This it what seperates Garth. Besides great music this man is so spontanious and relates so well to his fans. To those who say this is all an act and all he cares about is selling records I say you aren't seeing the same thing I am. Can't wait till tomorrow night. N

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    Sounds like a great show, not that the others aren't. It is great in it's own right..with as much as I would like to hear SOTF again.
    <br>I would love to hear TMYFML and Anonymous!
    <br>I have heard someone say that TMYFML was done withGarth and his guitar. Now I gotta say that the darn green eyed monster made himself
    <br>knowm to me......I am envious for yall. Blame it on my GBWs that are at an uncontrollable high and for that fact that I
    <br>want to hear the new stuff esp. those mentioned more than I can ever say! Hope my time is coming.......cause I honestly don't know how much more waiting I can take! It is killing me!!!!!!!!!
    <p>Thanks and take care. CRistinaN

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    Saturdays show was unbelievable. First to hear Garth and Trisha sing In Anothers Eyes live was great, those two can sure sing together. Garth also played alot of new songs, the best was hearing him sing To Make You Feel My Love he can sing that song. The whole show was fantastic. Just keep reliving it in my head. The crowd was really into the show and going nuts.N

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    <p>I also attended Saturday's show, and I don't remember Garth singing "Anonymous". He did however sing "Which One of Them". This might be what N7HVN was thinking of.

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    You are correct Rodney. It was Which one of them istead of Anonymous. I realized my mistake after I posted. I was thrilled to hear two of my favorite new songs from TLS Which One Of Them and To Make You Feel My Love. A perfect addition to a great show.N

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    <p> I must say Garth definately made my 1,000 mile trip worth it when he sang "which one of them...."!!!! The whole night was so incredible. And to hear "standing outside the fire" for te first time live....OH MY!!! Thanks Garth!!!!!!!!
    <br> For those of you that were there....if you saw it....we were the ones behind the stage who made the Glowing "GARTH" sign. Garth saw it at the end of "calling botn rouge"....Can't beat those Garth moments!!!!
    <br> T : )N

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    I'm trying to think of what else to add about Saturday night... I was in total awe of the arena because I'd never been in a building that size before, and to just see all of the people there to watch Garth was a great experience. I loved when Garth was having the contest between the sides to see who could be louder; when he walked to one side, then the other, then the back and front. When everyone screamed at once, and Garth put his fingers in his ears because it was soooo loud. My hearing still hasn't returned to normal!
    <br>It was also sweet when Garth apologized during the encore because he was doing so many slow songs, and yes, Cristina, he was on stage all by himself with just his guitar for TMYFML, Which one of them, and Piano Man.
    <br>Thanks for listening,

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    Wasn't Saturday night AWESOME???!! Garth was SOOOO GREAT and so exhausted at the end, I was getting concerned. We were a few rows away from the stage on the right, and Garth kept pointing at my t-shirt and hat, not sure why though....made for a few nice pics. Hey there with the HUGE green "GARTH" sign!!! That was pretty COOL! Garth really liked it! I got some pics of his reaction in case you didn't, let me know if you want a copy or two. Sunday night, I got a bunch of thank you letters and a few of my own lyrics down to the stage. We all wanted to let Garth know how much we appreciated him coming back to Rupp. Hope everybody enjoyed this weekend. I know I sure did!
    <p>Still needing Louisville tickets,
    <br>John ;O)N

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    Hey John!
    <p> I would LOVE!!! a copy of the pics from Garth's reaction to the sign!!! E-mail me at TJsgotGBfever@webtv.net and I can give you my snail mail addy. I would really appreciate that....THANKS!!!
    <br> T : )N

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    Hey ya TJsGotGBFever!
    <p>No prob about the pics. You can e-mail me at john75@webtv.net I should be getting the pics back in a couple of weeks. You see, I took over twelve rows and I'm now trying to sort all of this film out! That was a VERY COOL sign...hey wait I'm sounding like him now..... I'm pretty bummed out about not getting to go to Louisville but I'm going to save my money for a plane ticket to Las Vegas for August! Hope to hear from ya soon!

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    <br>That's twelve roles, not rows. He he he...

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