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Thread: Is this true?

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    Is this true?

    I was recently on this message board when I read something quite alarming. I read that he was afraid of horses. This disturbs me greatly because there is only one thing I love more than my horses and that is Garth Brooks. So I was wondering if someone could put my worries to rest.<BR> Thanks so much<BR> In Garth,<BR> Helen (Garthette) <BR>N

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    I don't think he is afraid of horses garthette, I know he has a couple and there is a picture of his horse Crackerjack in the Limited Series. N

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    lol, thats was me who asked the question :o, i should have thought b4 i asked that question seeing as how Garth has horses and is seen riding one in a pic in the Limited Series book......and as you see in the responses all the people say he isn't....so its a safe say he is NOT....sorry for worrying you! ;)<P>aRiN
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