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Thread: God bless Brandon and Garth

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    God bless Brandon and Garth

    <br>I just read that news story under The New Stuff here at planet garth about the little girl named Emily. That was the sweetest story I've ever read. I got choked up reading it. Little Emily will be in my prayers. You guys are real heros. :)N

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    Way to go Brandon! What an incredible thing that you helped to arrange.......yes, Dreams can come true.....with God's great angels like you! Very cool, indeed. Thank you for sharing that story with us. <p>A very Merry Christmas to you,<br>CherylN

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    I would really like to read the story on little Emily where can I find it?? Please let me know.Thanks :)<br>SUEN

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    Sue,<p>go to the bottum of this page and click on the words Planet Garth. Then on that page you will see a menue to the left side. Click on The New Stuff, then choose the news story dated Dec 16 called --- "Big heart in the Big Apple"<p>That should get you there :)N

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    I just read that very touching story! It is so nice to know there are people out there that are so giving!!! Little Emily must have been so happy to meet her hero!!! Great job Brandon for helping make her dream come true!!! And Garth, you never cease to amaze me!!! :)N

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    WOW! - Brandon & Garth you are both so incredibly special people. When I read the article - I truly teared up! This is such a special gift for a special child. And as a parent - I thank God every day for two beautiful health children. To Emily - may these special moments last in you forever. May you and your family have a very blessed and special holiday season!<p>Cheryl - WisconsinN

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    I just read the story on little Emily(thanks for letting me know where to find it)<br>I can't believe it Garth AMAZES me more and more every day,He is truely a HERO :) :)and Brandon for your contribution in making Emily's wish come true you are also a HERO :)<br>VERY COOL :)<br>Take Care<br>SUEN

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    Thank you everyone for your kind words. But Mark Stevens with The C.E.I.F. is the real hero. I sent him the original e-mail from Emily, and my invitation from ABC to The View, and he put the two together. <p>The C.E.I.F. is the foundation that is giving away The Blue Rose, Garth's former tour bus.<p>Another story about Mark... He picked me up at the Houston airport in the bus and we went to all three College Station shows. But the neat story about it, after the second concert (Friday night) we got back in the Rose, drove to Baton Rouge, LA to pick up three handicapped children and a few parents. Then immediatley drove back to College Station for Saturday night's show. THEN... immediatley drove back to Houston, dropped me off at the airport, and headed back to Baton Rouge. He didn't sleep for two days.<p>It was neat to see first hand, the motivation and results that people who care can make.<p>Brandon<p>BTW... be sure to check out the C.E.I.F.'s website at <A HREF="http://www.bluerose.org" TARGET=_blank>www.bluerose.org</A> N

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    The real heros are the folks who have donated to "Dreams Can Come True". Without these gifts we would not be able to help in the granting of these wonderful wishes. Together we can all make a difference. God Bless You All.N

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    *starting a standing ovation for all those that donated... and for Mark and Brandon!*<p>Thank you for showing that we can make a difference in the world...<p>"I hear them saying you'll never change things <br>And no matter what you do it's still the same thing <br>But it's not the world that I am changing <br>I do this so this world we know <br>Never changes me" .... The Change<br>N

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    The story about Emily was so touching. Garth also did a similar thing for a young boy in Oldsmar, Florida which was written up in a local paper.<p>I have been trying to reach Garth myself because of a co-worker who is only 30 and is terminally ill. Garth could make this young man's life so much happier if he could meet him. Unfortunately, I cannot get through to The Believer magazine either by e-mail or phone and the magazine is supposed to be the official location to reach Garth.<p>If anyone could help me with this I would be eternally grateful. Thanks.N

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    Please e-mail us at ridetherose@earthlink.net and we will get the request to Garth. Try to give me as many details as possible. Dreams Can Come True was established to grant last wishes for adults, though many of our wishes have been from children. And who can turn down a child.N

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    That is a fairy tale story, that just goes to show you what great people are here a Planet Garth (what great people keep it running for that matter). Glorianne, I hope your friend gets some attention from Garth. God Bless all of the people that make our lives a little fuller.<p>GlennN

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    I am a close friend of Emily's and just posted about this story before I saw this. This was a dream come true for Emily. She is such a great kid and has had a tough time with her cancer. Garth went to extra lenghts to do for Emily and her family. He bought them a camera, a camcorder, clothes, etc. They stayed in NYC for two nights thanks to Garth. And he gave her his guitar signed to her right before they came back to Mass. The memories carried her through the 7 hour surgery she had the next week. Garth even sent her a box of CD's cassettes, t-shirts, vidoes and posters for Christmas. It truly is a wonderful Christms Story!N

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