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Thread: Steve Wariner concert

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    Steve Wariner concert

    Last weekend I saw Steve Wariner in concert in CT. I met him at Fan Fair but this was the first chance I had to see him in concert. It was really great!!! The show was amazing, the perfect mix of old and new songs. I had floor seats about 10 feet from the stage..it was in a casino so the rows aren't the same as in most theaters. It was great seeing Jimmy again!!! It's been over 2 years since my last Garth concert (way to long). There were a lot of nice Garth moments during the show. Steve was introducing Jimmy and he said "He's played in Central Park...I still see 1 Garth shirt out there" and then he pointed right at me. It was very cool. Later when he was about to sing "Longneck Bottle" he mentioned me again saying "I've already pointed out the Garth shirt" and he pointed once again. It's very cool to be noticed by one of your heros. The end of the show was very sad. Steve was going into "Holes in the Floor of Heaven" and he said "A good buddy of mine, Garth, lost his mom the night before last, so this song is going out to him". If I hadn't already heard the news I would have been gone. As it was it was hard enough to hold back the tears. I could see that Steve was also having a tough time singing towards the end of the song. After the song he left the stage and came back for an amazing encore. It was a great way to feel close to Garth in such a sad time. I guess for me it was a mini memorial service for Mrs. Brooks and I will always think of it when I hear "Holes in the Floor of Heaven". May she rest in peace.N

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    Very cool.....and very sad :) :(<P>Thanx for the story :)<P>BrianN
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    Wow...that is a very touching story. Must have been an awesome experience to see! <P>Thanks for sharing with us ! :) N

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