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Thread: Kenney Chestney Video

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    Kenney Chestney Video

    Have you guys all seen the video "How Forever Feels"? What a fun video. Looks like a super-fun video to make. Kenney looks like a guy who knows how to have a few laughs. I'm not that into him but I do like this song. Is that his wife/gf with him in the video (blonde)? What do you all think of the video?N

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    Hey, Just to let you know the correct spelling of his name is Kenny Chesney. I love the video and the girl in the video is his fiancee, Mandy Weals. Also, the song is about to be #1 on the Billboard charts for 5 weeks!!! Way to go Kenny!!!N

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    I love that video.I also love Kenny!!Those cockatooes that he has in the video,are my dream bird.Since they cost from 1,100 to 1,500 dollars,I will keep dreaming.LOL<P>I will stick to my cockatiels,doves and parakeets.N
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    Thanks for that, Anonymous :o the spelling didn't quite look right, either.N

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    I like that video also and am looking forward to seeing him LIVE for the first time(George Strait Music Festival).On different programs and interviews he sounds like a fun guy and he is also a practical joker.He and Tracy Lawrence are best friends(if I'm not mistaken Tracy sold him some property right next to him )and they pull some pretty bad tricks on each other.I think they have given out each others home phone numbers and released a bunch of chickens or something during a concert.I have his first couple of cd's and plan on buying the new one soon(have bought too many concert tickets lately(Jimmy Buffet,John Mellencamp and George Strait,tickets I want but aren't on sale yet are Journey/Foreigner,Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen)I'm going to have to win the lottery or something!N

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