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Thread: Lyrics?

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    Hey, does anyone know where I can find the lyrics to "Busy Man?" I checked a few of the main lyrics sites and they aren't there. Thanks. N

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    There's a little boy out in the driveway. His basketball in hand, saying Daddy can we play a little one on one. You pat him on the back and say not now son, I'm a busy man.<p>His sister's out on the sidewalk, setting up a lemonade stand. Hey, Daddy, don't you want to buy a glass from me. You say, maybe later, can't you see, I'm a busy man.<p>CHORUS:<p>You gotta go, gotta run, hit it hard and get it done. Everyone can see you're going far. You got responsibilities. A crazy schedule that you keep. And when you say the time's a wasting, you don't know how how right you are. Busy man.<p>There's a woman in the bedroom crying. Saying, I thought we had plans. You say, honey, I'm sorry, I'll make it up when the job slows down and I'm not such a busy man.<p>CHORUS:<p>Repeat above.<p>Have you ever seen a head stone with these words: If only I had spent more time at work. There's a call one day from the office. They need you down in Birmingham. You say, no way, the weekend's mine. I got plans with the kids and a day with my wife. I'm a busy man.<p>CHORUS changed:<p>You gotta go, gotta run. Take a break and have some fun. Those who love you most say you've come far. Got some new priorities in that schedule that you keep, and when you say the time's a wasting, now you know how right you are. Busy man. Busy man. <p><br>Here you go DukeBlDevils. I can't stand BRC and his IRRITATING fans, but this song has good meaning :)N

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    Thanks so much! I don't care for Billy Ray much either, especially the way he dresses, (that's why I'm on the Garth board!) but I like the song and it applies so well so some people I know...N

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