I just got home from my first Diamond Rio concert and I am way too wound up to sleep so here I sit on this computer...LOL :)<p>The concert was fantastic...no...<br>"UNBELIEVABLE" LOL<br>First Billy Dean played for about an hour...he was very good...a little on the mellow side though. Then finally the boys came out !!!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO !!!!!<br>The were great...it was at a small venue and I had great seats...very close !!!<p>After the show I got to go and meet the guys,<br>get autographs and take pictures !!!!<br>WHOOOOHOOOO!!!! Got some great pictures of them on stage too !!! I hope all these pics came out. If there is any good ones of me and them maybe I will post one here...if I can figure out how to do that...LOL :)<p>They are gonna be near by with Martina McBride soon...I would love to go again !!!<br>Thanks for letting me share my night :)<br>DeannaN