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Thread: Favorite Reba song

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    Favorite Reba song

    What is your favorite song by reba McEntire? I think all of her songs are really good but, my favorites are Is There Life Out There, Fancy, and The Fear of Being Alone.N

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    howdy!!!<p>my favorite reba song is fance also...<br>i would love to go to a reba concert and possibly meet her in person...<p>well better go but not for long...<p>garth's #1 fan 4-eternity!!!<p>angela... :DN

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    sorry i mean't FANCY!!! :(<p>garthnutt too 4-eternity!!!<p>angela... :DN

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    I'm going to have to pick a newer one..."Fear Of Being Alone"<br>There are some older ones I like, but this is my favorite newer one of hers!N

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    Wow...I have been a Reba fan for years and have never even thought about which of her songs is my favorite. It is hard to pick just one after seeing her in concert so many times...if I had to narrow it down to a few, they would be "Is There Life Out There", "The Greatest Man I Never Knew", "For My Broken Heart" and "She Thinks His Name Was John". All of these songs tell stories, and she really puts her heart into delivering the message behind her songs in concert. It's hard to pick just one!N

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    My all time favorite is Does He Love You, the duet with Linda Davis. To me that is one of the most powerful and emotional songs ever in country music and I'm not really a huge Reba fan!! My recent favorite is her newest single, Wrong Night (not sure of the name). A very catchy song!N

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    My favs are Forever Love, Is there Life Out There, and The Fear of Being Alone. I like almost all of Reba's songs too. It is hard to pick just one or even a few! N

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    Being that Reba is my favorite singer/actress/performer/entertainer of all time.. :)...I have to say that I can't choose a favorite!! I have ALL of her CD's, including imports from Australia, UK, and Canada...singles, and remixes, and collaborational items.....but currently, I love her latest: WRONG NIGHT...finally a real country tune :)<p>I'm new to Planet Garth, so I'd like to kinda introduce myself...my name is Sonia Lynn, and I'm 14 years old from Seattle, WA!I was given the nickname Lil Reba due to my complete admiration of the woman!<p>I love to talk about all country artists! Take care and Happy New Year Everyone!<p> - Sonia AKA Lil RebaN

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    I really like "I'd Rather Ride Around With You". Crank that baby up when you're actually driving around in the car and you can be doing 80 mph in no time !!N

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    My favorite Reba song would be "She think's his name was John" I also like her song with Brooks and Dunn If you see him/her"N

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