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    The American Country Countdown does a year-end Top 100 countdown every in Dec./Jan. around the new year, usually before. I was wondering if anyone new the date that it was going to being on the radio. I've got to hear if Garth got #1 spot!<br>Note: Tim McGraw has earned top spot the last two years, and will probably do it again this year with "Just To See You Smile."<br>N

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    Good point about Tim McGraw and Just To See You Smile. He probably will win it with that one. I used to really like that song, until I heard Tim himself talk about it. He said it reminds him of his daughter, you know, "just to see her smile." *gag* That isn't anywhere close to what the song is about! The verses talk about something completely different. Anyway, I thought that was a really dumb thing for Tim to say and terribly disrespectful to the writers of that song.<br>About that countdown, isn't that the one that plays all day on New Year's Day? If I'm not watching football, I seem to recall myself listening to that countdown.N

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    Just to see you smile is about making a person happy no matter how much it hurts you. It can be about anyone!!! And it is a wonderful thing for Tim to say about his daughter!!N

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    It's funny how one question can turn into an up-roar of opinions! I agree with KCFan that it can be about anyone, but I agree with Marty a little more. The lyrics do clarify this song is about a lover, not a daughter. Still I respect Tim for saying such a great "lyrics" song reminds him of his daughter, and that I agree with KCFan again. <br>Anyway I know the countdown is a Top 100 and it' on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon on my radio station anyway. The times are sometimes different with other radio stations. I may just have to call the station and find out.N

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