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Thread: The Chair--would this pick-up line work?

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    The Chair--would this pick-up line work?

    <br>For any of you who like George Strait and remember the song "The Chair" I was wondering if anyone thought that this would work to try to pick someone up? I've never tried it, but have often wondered about the chance that someone would be willing to stay seated with you if you told them that they had your chair, but could still sit at that table.? Ladies what do you think?N

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    I think that line would ABSOLUTELY work if the guy looked anything like George Strait.....or any other line if he looked like George Strait, for that matter!! But for the average guy, I think you would have to be really careful not to sound like you were quoting the song!N

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    I think that people would argue over whose chair it really was. You never know how some people will react.N

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    if i were the actual chair, i'd walk away from the conversation....

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    T H U D !

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