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Thread: Favorite Line From A Non-Garth Song

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    Favorite Line From A Non-Garth Song

    Ok,folks.Time to dig deep into the depths of country music and find your favorite line from a country song(other than GB's of course). You can put as many as you like. Well,don't just sit there reading this,POST SOMETHING!!! sheesh....N

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    Ok, Here goes: <p>"Ring around the rosie, pocketful of dreams and posies, Patty Cake, a Bakers Man, tag you're it and kick the can" Rebecca Lynn-- Bryan White.<p>"We learned in Sunday school who makes the sunshine through, and I know who makes the moonshine too, back where I come from" Back Where I come from-- Kenny Chesney<p>"With a little bit of love and some cable tv, we can be happy" Happy as we wanna be-- Rhett Akins<p>"Her daddy calls her angel and her mama calls her three times a night, Oh lord I think' I want my rib back-- Kenny Chesney<p>"She could charm the stars, Hypnotize the moon" Hypnotize the Moon Clay Walker<p>These are just a few of my favorite lines in songs. I can still remeber the first time I heard each of them. I hope some of you also like these songs.<p>One more, it's almost a Garth song "From where I'm sitting, I can see where I stand. She's got her head on his shoulder and her heart in his hand" From where I'm sitting-- Gary AllenN

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    "I just wanna live until I die" - Clay WalkerN

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    <br>This is hard to do while listening to a Garth CD but will do my best<p>"Don't mess with the bull he can get real mean"- Down on the Farm, Tim McGraw<p>"If the fish don't bite, we can jump in the river and cool ourselves from the heat of the night" Fishing in the Dark. NGDB<p>one that reminds me a lot of That Summer<p>"my first taste of lovin was every thing it should have been." War is hell T.G. Shepperd<p>"I don't want to stop loving you but i will"<br>But I Will- Faith Hill<p>"I might have been born just plain white trash but Fancy is my name" Fancy- Reba<p>"Take this job and Shove it" Take this Job and Shove it." David Allen Coe<p>"and she says she can't imagine what on earth I waiting for, cuz I'm not supposed to love you anymore" I'm Not Supposed to Love you Anymore- Brian White<p>"Stummbled my way through an awkward embrace, then I managed to say it's good to see you again" She didn't ask. I didn't Say-Tim McGraw<p>"I'll be a happy man when I go and I can't wait another day" Killin Time- Clint Black<p>N

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    "And then we kissed and I saw the light, I could go on about this all night" Don't Get Me Started....Rhett Akins<p>"Bye Bye, Bye Bye my baby bye bye" Bye Bye...JoDee Messina<p>"I want to dance with you, swirl you all around the floor, that's what they invented dancing for" I Want to Dance With You....George StraitN

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    Here are a couple of my favorites:<p>"I wanna live where the green grass grows, watch my corn pop up in rows...." Where the Green Grass Grows - Tim McGraw<p>"I'm above the below and below the upper, I'm stuck in the middle where money gets tight but I guess I'm doin' alright." I'm Alright - JoDee MessinaN

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    I forgot one:<p>"Voulez-vous barbecue?" Paris Tennessee, Kenny ChesneyN

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    Okay, here's just a few. If I listed 'em all I'd be here forever!<p>"And between now and then until I see you again, I'll be loving you, love me..." --Love Me, Collin Raye<p>"Love is the road to our destiny, Nothing can change what is meant to be..." --Forever Love, Reba Mcentire<p>"In god's eyes we're all the same, Someday we'll all have perfect wings..." --Don't Laugh at Me, Mark Wills<p>"The closer you come, the weaker I get<br>If it ain't happened now just ain't happened yet" --I'm Not Strong Enough to Say No, BlackhawkN

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    Ok here goes............<p>"The secret of life is try not to hurry<br>But don't wait....don't wait"-Faith Hill's<br>The Secret of Life"<p>"Mom stares out the window and says,I'm leaving my girl, <br>She says, "It didn't seem like that long ago,<br>When she stood there and let her own folks know"-Dixie Chicks' "Wide Open Spaces"<p>"And with a broken wing,<br>she still sings"-Martina's "A Broken Wing"<p>"So grab your things and come on in, <br>and get to know your children once again"-MArtina's "Some Say I'm Running"<p>Those are some off the top of my head. When I think of more, I'll be back to post them. <p>N

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    i believe you,i just look in your eyes<br>i believe you,a true heart never lies<br>it's more than just a feeling,it's a matter of faith when you tell me our forever won't fade away <p>(I BELIEVE YOU-PAUL BRANDT)N

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    "You've got to sing, like you don't need the money, and love like you'll never get hurt! You've got to dance like nobody's watchin'! It's got to come from the heart, if you want it to work!"N

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    I agree with Ginmyheart: <br>"The secret of life is try not to hurry<br>But don't wait....don't wait"<br>-Faith Hill's<br>"The Secret of Life"<br>There are alot of good lines in this song, another one being "The secret of life is there's no secret at all"...great song!<p><br>N

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    Here are some more of my favorites<p>"There's a smile apon her face a new love takes my place she's not cryin anymore."--She's not crying anymore. Billy Ray Cyrus<p>"I would go and capture the moon, that's what I would do, just to hear you say that you love me."--Just to hear you say that you love me. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw<p>"There is nothing like the view from the Cheap seats." -- Cheap Seats. Alabama<p>"she's got 27 candels on her cake, and she needs to make her life her own, before there is 28"-- Someone Else's Dream. Faith Hill<p>"Here she comes a walking talking true love, saying I've been looking for you love." Blue Clear Sky. George Strait<p>"I know she still loves me, but I don't think she likes me anymore." -- ?? George Strait<p>"We are young country we like all kinds of music and people cuz we don't draw no lines... Old Hank would be proud and Elvis would too cuz we like our country mixed with some big city blues"--Young Country. Hank Jr.<p>"If I could make a living out of lovin you, I could be a millionaire in a week or two, I'd be doing what I love and lovin what I do..."--If I could Make a Livin. Clay Walker<p>"In a week or two I was going bring you diamonds, In a week or two a long, long string of pearls..."-- In a Week or Two. Diamond Rio.<p>"Heart don't fall now, cuz if you do I might never bring you back around" --Heart Don't Fall now. Sawyer Brown<p>"Fates got cards that it don't want to show cuz that boy's just a Walkaway Joe."--Walkaway Joe Trisha Yearwood<p>"The good news is I'm better for the time we spent together and the bad news is your gone."--You're Gone. Diamond Rio N

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    "In god's eyes we're all the same, Someday we'll all have perfect wings..." --Don't Laugh at Me, Mark Wills<p>"There's nothing quite as ugly as two people filled with hate. We'll all end up as equals when we stand at heaven's gate."<br>--Worlds Apart, Vince Gill<p>"You're easy on the eyes...hard on the heart."<br>--Terri Clark<p>"When it comes to brains you got the short end of the stick."<br>--She's in Love With The Boy, Trisha YearwoodN

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    "Oooooooo, gotta getcha some, gotta getcha some, gotta getcha some, ooooooooooo, gotta getcha some." Toby Keith, Getcha Some.<p>"Two young lovers with their bodies on fire, aching to swim that river of desire." Ty Herndon, Man Holding on to a Woman Letting Go.<p>"Rev it up, rev it up til your engine blows" Shania Twain, You Win My Love.<p>"If you wanna touch her, really wanna touch, if you wanna touch, ask!" Shania Twain If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask. N

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    ...leavin innocense there on the bank by their clothes.<p>as i look into your soft green eyes, when i see your delicate body revealed to me as you slip off you dress...<p>i know when the hurtin stops...ill be a better man better off..<p>the only thing that stays the same is everything changes everything changes..... time marches on time marches on...<p>when you hit rock bottom youve got two ways to go, strait up and sideways....<p>im gonna be somebody someday...one of these days im gonna break these chains..<p>and finally for those of us in california today.... but ill win the lotto one day i bet, from tracy lawrence's dreamin in color ( different than billyray's) .its 45 million, so if i win i'll take yall with me to see gb in texas.N

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    here are a few more of my favorite lines<p>"Wanted, one good hearted woman, to forgive imperfections in the man that she loves" Wanted -- Alan Jackson<p>"As long as i'm here and before I go, I'm gonna find out who I am" Who I am -- Faith Hill<p>"she called them Redneck Roses, cause that's what they were, a simple gift of love from a country boy to his girl." Redneck Roses-- Tracey Bird<p>"N

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    Here are a few of mine...<p>"its like just before dark, jump in the car, buy an ice cream and see how far we can drive before it melts, kinda feelin. There's a cow in the road, swirve to the left, fate skips a beat and it scares you to death, and you laugh until you cry, Thats how you love makes me feel inside. DIAMOND RIO<p>"The good news is I'm better for the time we spent together and the bad news is your gone" DIAMOND RIO<p>"In God's eyes we're all the same, someday we'll all have perfect wings" Don't laugh at me. MARK WILLS<p>"I hear down there its changed you see, their not as backwards as they use to be"<br>ALAN JACKSONN

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    Here's a few of my favorites:<p>"Who doesn't know what I'm taking about? Who's never left home? Who's never struck out?" Wide Open Spaces, Dixie Chicks<p>"Lets go girls!" Man! I Feel Like a Women, Shania Twain<p>"I love a rainy night, I love a rainy night, I love to watch the thunder as it lights up the sky" I Love a Rainy Night, Eddie Rabbit<p>"I need ten thousand angels, watching over me tonight" Ten Thousand Angels, Mindy McCready<p>"...little sister don't miss when she aims her gun" The Night the Lights Went Out in GA, Reba<p>"Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, sometimes I do both, and I don't know why" Emotional Girl, Terri Clark <p>"That boys just a walk away joe, born to be a leaver, tell you from the word go, destine to deceive her, he the wrong kind of paradise" Walk Away Joe, Trisha Yearwood<p>"Straight out of some story, you walk in, in all your glory. I thought you were perfect for me, I was out of my mind" So Much For Pretending, Bryan White<p><p>N

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    Don't get your pleasure from my pain - In god's eyes we're all the same: Mark Wills<p>how was I to know: John Michael Montgomery<br>I miss you a little<br>I guess you could say<br>A little to much<br>A little to often <br>Alittle more everydayN

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    last part is also from montgomeryN

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    This song isn't country but I'm gonna put it anyway<br>"In the end only kindness matters"<br>Hands by JewelN

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    Here are a few that I really like, and that I can think of right now.<p>"In God's eyes we're all the same, Someday we'll all have perfect wings...." Mark Wills<p>"If we never meet again, this side of Heaven... I'll leave this world loving you" Ricky Van Shelton<p>"When you're tired of it all and tears need to fall and your backs to the wall, come cryin' to me" Lonestar<p>"I'd give you my world, if you'd give mine back... What I didn't do, I meant to do that" Paul Brandt<p>"I can tell by the way that she's all over him, she must be all over me" Paul Brandt<p>And I'm sure many many many others... just can't think of them right now. :)N

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    My favorite might just be the classic DUH statement, however, I like:<p>"You were the first thing that I thought of, when I thought I'd drink you off my mind" ~ Clint BlackN

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    I was just listening to Trisha Yearwood's "Everybody Knows" CD again and I had to post to this topic again. This song made me cry.<p>"Myths may be invincible<br>But we are only strong<br>Strong as a memory<br>Strong like a willow in the wind<br>Strong as you'll ever be<br>You will always need to bend<br>And if you feel the weight of the world<br>Put your mind at ease<br>Little Hercules."N

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    I couldn't think of just one line so here's a few......<p>"More than 3 words and a diamond ring, it can open up the heavens, make the angels sing, our love baby is a powerful thing"<p>("Powerful Thing"- Trisha Yearwood)<br>+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*<p>"There goes my baby. Bye, bye baby. Goodbye"<p>("There Goes My Baby" - Trisha Yearwood)<br>+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*-+-*<p>"Thank you India, thank you terror, thank you disillusionment..... (etc., etc.)"<p>("Thank You"- Alanis Morissette)N

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    D'OH, I didn't know it had to be a country singer, that's why I wrote Alanis Morissette!N

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    And sometimes I wake up crying at night<br>and sometimes I scream out your name<br>what right does she have to take your heart away when for so long you were mine...<p>"You Were Mine" Dixie Chicks<p><br>Not country but...<p>I was born in a small town.....probably die in a small town<p>John Cougar Mellencamp<p><br>That's my house and thats my car<br>That's my dog in my backyard.....<br>There's my kids and thats my wife<br>But whose that man runnin my life<br> Toby KeithN

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    Non-Garth that's hard,but here goes:<p>You're easy on the eyes,hard on the heartYou look so good,but the ways things look ain't the way they are-Easy on the eyes-Terri Clark.<p>When I look at you it's all that I can do*to think about what's his(her)name-TROUBLE-Mark Chestnut<p>You hold me like a prayer you touch me everywhere a lifetime just ain't enough to love you true now that I found you-Now that I found you-Terri Clark<p>Only God could stop me lovin' you-Only God could stop me lovin' you-Bill Ray Cyrus<p>I'm a Busy man-Busy Man-Billy Ray Cryus<p>We really shouldn't be doing this-George Strait<p>N

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    That was a river, this is an ocean - Colin Raye<br>A lot of that stuff don't sound much different from Dylan - Alan Jackson<br>'I saw a Dead-Head sticker on a Cadillac, a little voice inside my head said don't look back, you can never look back' - Eagles (I think that can kinda qualify as country. N

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