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    Let Me Explain

    Hey everyone,<BR> I would like to take this opportunity to clear a little something up. I got on here two days ago and told everyone that I downloaded When You Come Back To Me Again off of Naspster. And since then I have got some negative response to that. I am not endorsing Napster by any means, I was just offering a suggestion to the people who are dying to have the song. And I know that Garth is totally against the idea of Napster. And I understand that artists are upset that they are losing royalties on these songs when people are downloading them, but obviously Garth isn't too worried about the royalrties, otherwise he would have released the single for the public to buy. Now I love Garth just as much as all of you, and I do not feel guilty for getting the song through such measures, because now that I have the song, I can enjoy my favorite artist whenever, and where ever I want. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks everyone :-)N

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    Fitch,<P>I can't see how Garth could be mad, he hasn't even released the song and said he wouldn't.<P>I have used Napster in the past for a song or two that I couldn't find anywhere else. I wouldn't regularly take all my songs from there, but if it were released I would buy it.<P>LoriN

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