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Thread: Dinner with GB News...

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    Dinner with GB News...

    Well, it's not really news, but the Touch'em All Dinner with GB as twenty FANS that have paid to join him already. This is according to a radio report I heard this morning :)<P>So who's going from here? :)<P>dwayneN

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    I'm not going :o <P>I wouldn't pay for that other than my food :)<P>BrianN
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    Very Cool!<P>I say it's money well spent!<P>~Ann~N

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    I'm not going. I can't believe Garth is letting people pay that much to have dinner with him, even though it does go to TEA. Good cause, but still he isn't the type.N

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    Fresh_Horse,<P>I am sure that the expensive dinner is for his Touch Em' All Foundation ;) Look at the bright side, those, who are really rich, could donate more to others than are in need :) Sounds good to me. But the downside of this is that I CAN'T AFFORD TO GO :( Oh well... I hope out of those 20 fans (I wonder if anyone is from PG), one of them could come back here and share their storys.<P>Ummm... only 20 fans out of like 1 million hardcore fans? <P><BR>TommyN
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    Um yeah that is why I said it goes to TEA in my post. I know that it goes there.N

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    Well; none of us are surprised that Garth would go out of his way to be available for a benefit that will help others. This kind of event draws the people who have the money and willingness to help others. <P>So ah guess ah would say;<P>Bon appetite all. <P>HawkN
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    I remember when some people used to argue about the wristband system saying that they'd gladly more to be really sure that they'd get a close seats.<P>Guess this is their chance!<P>As for me... I wouldn't be able to go to this thing even if I had the money... but I hope we hear from someone that did.<P>I don't see anything wrong with it. How many millions of fans have had the chance to see Garth at his record low concert prices? So here is just one chance to see him in a special way... and it costs a lot... but it goes to charity. Good for Garth. It's a special event. No problem.N
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    :) Ditto Snow :)N

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    You're so right Snow!<P>I'm with ya Tommy...I can't afford it either. :( :( But...if I had an extra $8000. laying around, I'd be there in a heartbeat! :)<P>Cheryl<BR>N
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