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Thread: The right to retire.

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    The right to retire.

    Every one has the right to choose what to do with his/her own life and of course to say when is enough. We all are selfish when consider that public persons should stay or go at our interest. Personally I'd like to keep on buying Garth's music for the next 25 years.<P>Luis Laria.<P>Aranjuez, Madrid, Spain.N

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    I et land uden høje bjerge!
    Welcome to PG :D :D :D :D<P>Stay around post alot :D :D<P>F.C. Barcelona RUUUULLEEEEZZZZ :) hehe<P>Brian ;)N
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    :D <B>Welcome to PG!!</B> :D<P>I agree with ya. :)<P>Erin :)N

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    Well why don't we all just wait and see what Garth does because here lately he sounds a little like he did not mean to say the word retired and he has just said he might not or might be announcing a retirement.<P>If he don't retire I will be happy, if he does retire I will be happy because it is not like he said he was getting out of entertainment he said he was going to do movies, charity, and pursue other things.<P>If Garth don't retire I am going to have a hard time believeing this little announcement was not to get more album sales for the CG project. :)N

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