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    is there a chance of garth doing another tour ever?my goal in life is to go to a garth concert.everything else in life are just obstacles in the way of reaching my goal.cmt announced last month garth would start touring next November.N
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    Well that is a question only time can tell. We just have to wait and see if Garth does indeed retire sometime this year and still only time will tell if he comebacks after that. I doubt Garth is done completely in the music biz rather he retires or not. N

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    As a new fan it's better late than never thanks to Chris Gaines. I accept the fact that I may never see Garth live but I've never known an artist who sure goes out of his way to make me feel like I already have! How does he connect with his fans like that!? I don't know but I gotta tell ya, wait till Chris hits the big screen. He'll be connecting in a whole new playing field of fans and I'm glad I got invited to the game! All this warming up before the big show sure is a blast! He makes you feel like an essential part of the team! Thanks Garth!N

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    I totally agree, i really want to see Garth, that is my complete and total goal in life too, i would love it if he came back, somebody let me know when they find out!!N

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    I thought one of the things Garth was at least retiring from for awhile was touring. I have been wondering though if he's going to maybve do a tour of the international cities (besides Dublin and London) that he didnt' get to go to on his last tour.N

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    I doubt Garth retires from music totally but I don't think Garth will do any big tour soon in the future. If Garth is indeed quitting every single aspect of his music career I doubt he does a farewell tour, it would seem he would be doing it now if he was to retire at the end of this year or atleast be planning one or something. I say Garth will not do a big tour in the future because Garth insists on doing 100 shows a year and multiple nights which makes him be on the road a lot longer and he hs said he is not going to do that. Hopefully maybe he will figure out the way George Strait and other big name Country Stars who have the same demand in tickets on tour and still do only 20 to 40 dates a year and still have a lot of time with their family. But who knows. Hopefully he will because he don't have to do a 100 shows a year. Hopefully he will still do albums though in the future and not tour so then he would not have to retire.N

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