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Thread: My thoughts on Garth's Retirement

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    My thoughts on Garth's Retirement

    Hello everyone,<P>I believe Garth should retire. I am a BIG fan of his music, but Garth's logic for retiring is great. He is making a statement that people should put family first. That is a concept most people don't do, but should. I think everyone will miss Garth, but should support him in his decision. I hope he will return when he feels it is right.<P>I will miss you Garth!!!<BR>Happy Holidays everyone!!!<P>KevinN

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    WELCOME TO PG :)<P>TommyN
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    Keven,<BR> I agree with you totally his reasons<BR>for retiring. His family should come first.<BR>SheilaN

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    I hope he don't retire totally but just stop touring, albums would not be hard to do. I doubt he quits anyways. Besides I don't think him quitting would be best, what happens when he is missing it so much, he said he will indeed miss it, can he put it in the back of his head and not think about it and be ble to put his whole attentions to his kids???? I think he couldn't after a while.N

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    I understand and support Garth's decision no matter what he decides.<P>I'd like to think that he'll eventually find the balance to have both his career and family in his life.... but that's for him to decide... not me.<P>Even if he decided to only do albums... there is a lot of promotion that is necessary when an album is released. Talk shows, tv specials, interviews... and lets face it... a concert or other performance here and there. If Capitol put out an Garth CD it probably wouldn't be long before they wanted him to do some sort of concert tour to promote it. I imagine that it would surely build up a little at a time until he was going full swing again... it's too tempting for both the record company and Garth's competitive nature.<P>You see... US... the core fans... will buy a Garth album on his name and reputation only. That isn't what Capitol will necessarily want. Garth is their MAIN act. They will want him to do the necessary promotion for one in order to get the widest audience possible.<P>Garth has this to consider as does his family. I know Garth has the clout with Capitol to probably write his own ticket... but I think that Garth may think that the temptation to fall back into the all out push too tempting for him and for Capitol.<P>Just a thought.N
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    Garth don't put albums out every year anyways, most artist do that Garth doesn't so a little promotion on a few talk shows every few years would not take a lot of time from Garth. Besides Capitol records said they have unreleased music that they will release if Garth retires so if they release that unrelease music then Garth would not be promoting it then because he would be retired. So it is the same as if Garth would not retire from making albums but just touring, there basically is not a differnce, no matter what Garth does, retires, doesn't retire, retires from touring, there will be at least a couple new albums out after he leaves the scene. Atleast that is what Pat Quigley is saying anyways, Pat Quigley says there is a lot of unreleased stuff from Garth. I almost certain that Garth will not stop doing albums, I don't think he can anyways, unless he is just sick of the biz. But I do think Garth will still do some talk shows anyways even if he does retire, do you think he will stop visiting Jay Leno or Crook and Chase??????? Plus he will still do a lot of stuff, writing, movie scripts, I bet he will eventually direct, and maybe star in a few films other then the Lamb. He is not going to sit at home on that tractor forever yall know. He couldn't do it in 99 and from the sound of it if he goes back to ST with the Padres he can't do it at all. I been thinking if he goes to baseball again this year it proves he can't sit still at all, he may retire from music but he can't retire from everything :) I think maybe I will send him some of my ritalin. He could use it I think.<P>Garth will be around forever folks, why are yall saying yall's goodbyes to the man. :) The future is very bright for Garth fans rather if he retires from music or not. :) N

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    Well I agree we should not be too worried about this and that we should not be treating it like Garth will be retired by the end of next year, we don't know that for sure, that is a year away amd seeing Garth has talked about retiring twice all ready we know he can change his mind, speially in year and really don't know if his mind is in fact made up, he may or may not have meant all he said on C&C so we don't know really know. Another thing is the reason, I do think there are other reasons too that might have Garth wanting to retire, family is one I am sure but I do feel the CG project may have him a little down, the critics have been going after him pretty much all year, from baseball and now the CG project that would make any body want to retire. I also think Garth might not find Country music challenging now, I did see a quote from Garth saying something like "I could make country albums for the next 10 years and they will all be hits, it is not challenging" or something like that, maybe somebody knows it better. So I do think that is a reason too, Garth is not really sick of music but could be bored with it right now, I get bored with a lot of stuff fast and he has been going for 10 years and pretty much it has been the last year or so that we have saw Garth venture out and do different stuff so I think he may be looking for something more challenging to do, I am not saying he hates music because I don't think he does it is just it is not challenging probally anymore. We seem to be jumping to the conclusion that it is solely for family which it cold be but it could be a lot of stuff too, I don't think Garth would say or atleast on crook and chase say he was tired of doing music it is not challenging no more, or anything else, he would use family, which I do think is part of the reason and his Mom's death but I think there is more to it. Besides some of these post, not on this thread but on others are basically saying Goodbye, if Garth retires it is not ever going to be goodbye Garth, he will do other things, I am sure he will resume his career too speically being gone a few years, it may be challenging to him then. It is not goodbye now and never will be.N

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