This isn't the first time he's threatened to retire. Recall his tell-all interview with Barbara Walters a few years ago. He openly contemplated retirement then, at the hieght of his career. And how the hell is he going to retire after this Chris Gaines debacle? He will most likely have to create more music for the film, along with whatever promotional ideas are thought up.<P>There are two reasons for this announcement: to create added interest in his current or "last" recording, and set himself up for a "glorious return" to the spotlight once the Gaines persona becomes a bore to him. Think of it. It's 2001, Garth makes a Garth record, goes on Behind The Music to tell his REAL real life story, rips it up on Storytellers, tours and, BAM!, another 20 million in the bank. It's as brilliant as it is sickening. <P>N