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Thread: No Offense Garth!!

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    No Offense Garth!!

    I love him as much as the rest of you but man what a bad thing to do. I understand WHY and I understand that his kids and his wife need him and he needs time to rebuild his long time failing marriage but does that really mean he has to dump his whole fan base and give up music?? Does he honestly think people will buy other peoples records because he helped write the lyrics? does he really think that it was just the words he sand all these years instead of the lyrics and the incredible voice and feeling behind them?? I dont give a damn if he ever tours again,tours are very very demanding and take alot of time away from his family but to STOP making records would be a terrible loss to this world.Doesnt he have a studio in his home?? If not..why not get one... His fans have supported him for ssssssoooooooo long and now he is just going to drop us all and disappear and then reappear 10 years from now like he didnt disrespect them in anyway??<BR>If not for us and our money would he even be able to retire?? Now I know I sound mean and selfish and sure I JUST found out about it and Im a bit upset and maybe Ill regret saying some of this BUT for now I just cant believe he'd really give it all up.I have 2 young boys the same ages as his girls and sure its hard but not so difficult that I can understand why he would stop singing and making albums,somewhere there has to be time for both (again not touring) and does anyone even slightly think that Sandy hasnt had alot to do with this?? Does anyone honestly believe that she hasnt wanted him to dedicate himself COMPLETELY to her and the girls?? Not that I blame her... but I think everyone (including me) are being a bit<BR>selfish. *sigh* Well I guess all in all I wont hate him for quiting but I deffinatly DONT support him in it at all and 10 years from now I dont know if Id support a come back after he made a conscience decision to give it ALL up. Some of you will think Im rude and dont really love the guy as much as you do and YOUR WRONG,I feel like I had something to do with him being such a huge star and I feel like Ive supported everything he has done and done my best to make Garth Fans out of Mettalica fans and Ive done a damn good job converting at least 50 people in my time and introducing MANY more to the new Chris Gaines project and all of that so that he can WRITE MOVIES????? NO!!!! I did it to help his career stay strong so I thought,to do my part. *sigh*<BR>I think he's had alot of stresses over his time in the spotlight and it has deffinatly taken its toll on him but this is the wrong decision to make to deal with those stresses,I agree with slowing down and taking it more easy but I WILL NOT support giving up and I never saw him as a quiter even in 95 when everyone was saying he would quit I thought I knew his spirit enough to stick up to them and say HE WONT. AND... even more distressing is that if this turns out to be nothing more then an advertising stunt I will be very very angry with his tactics. *sigh* I just cant believe it.<BR>*shakes head* Sorry if I pissed anyone off but Im still a bit shell shocked right now and just cant believe it.<P>TanyaN

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    Tanya, <BR>I think that just about everyone including me has felt some of the same feelings you have but are just looking at it in a different perspective. I will also miss him terribly but I am grateful for the time and wonderful music he has given us. I also feel that Sandy and the rest of his family had some say so in his decision but he is a big boy and he can make his own decisions.<P>It was also my decision to spend money of his concerts and other "stuff". I never thought he would be around forever and do not regret any of it.<P>And it's not like he's quitting because he's tired of us fans, it's to be with his family, which I think is very honorable.<P>And as for me I will support his decision no matter what that may be. But also remember, he said he will "probably" announce his retirement. There's always the chance.<P><BR>Loni :)N

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    Yeah I agree with a lot of what you said, I don't understand why he has to stop completely if he does. I think sometimes if he loves it so much he would do as little as he can like just make albums but not tour or just cut back. I think there is more to it than just family reasons.N

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