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Thread: A Moderator's Opinion

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    A Moderator's Opinion

    I've been holding off from posting regarding this topic, except on the PGers list, since I have yet to see a video of the conversation/announcement from the <I>'Crook & Chase'</I> show. I prefer to absorb Garth's words myself, rather than rely on media reports that are usually inaccurate.<P>However, being a conscientious Garthnutt, dedicated PGer and a forum moderator as well, I hereby make the following statement: (Details to follow when I have seen the tape)<P>Needless to say, Garth's <I>possible</I> pending retirement is depressing news for his fans. But from my point of view, not totally unexpected. His mother's death has left a mighty impact on Garth's soul. And Garth is seeing his dad seem to age right before his eyes, due to his own grieving over the loss of his wife and companion.<P>Garth is experiencing "The Dance"...<I>"looking back on the memories of..."</I> his own life as a child and how his parents both being there helped to shape him into the man he is today. It's obvious that Garth wants his children to have the kind of father <B>he</B> had as he grew up. Children grow up so fast and Garth has missed many chances to have a direct influence on their daily lives, due to his performing schedule, television appearances and outside projects. He knows these are opportunities now lost because he chose to spend that time on the road, in the studios or on television. <P>Those lost opportunities he gave to us, his fans. We are all his first <I>'babies'</I> and he has spent the past decade feeding and nurturing us through his music, his messages in song, his kindness and empathy that he shows to each one of us. And we have all responded, giving back to the man what he so graciously bestowed upon us...continual love and devotion. He has taught us tolerance of others, respect for our family and friends, and love for ourselves. Garth has pulled many of us back from the edge of life and helped us to learn how to deal with the pain of life's cruel moments through the messages in his songs.<P>Garth's conscience has been bothering him about his absence from the home front for some time now. Yes, the girls have traveled with him and have their own tutor and all. But so rarely fathers get the opportunity to give 100% of their attention to their children. Most dads regret that they miss a lot of the 'growing up' times. <P> Garth is fortunate to be able to take this time and spend it with his girls. We fans have been the ones benefiting the most from Garth's attention. Now that he's had the opportunity to notice the adorable individuals his daughters are becoming, it's time for us Garthnutts to let Garth be 'Dad' while the girls still want his attention.<P>This can work to our advantage though... Especially those of us seeking our own personal 'Garth Moment'. (me, me!) I believe that music will always be one of Garth's priorities. He can no more live without music than the air that he breathes. (It's just not number one on his list right now.) Spending this time at home writing songs and working on his other musical projects will be good for Garth's soul.<P>But Garth also loves getting back to the smaller venues, and I think there will be more opportunities now to see reports of our man making unannounced appearances in unexpected locations, playing his music to the people to get their reactions. This will mean smaller 'crowds' and more opportunities for us to meet him.<P>We are seeing a man who is capable of walking that mile in another man's shoes. He has stated this fact himself when he talks about sitting in the 'nosebleed' sections at the concert venues.<P>Garth loves his fans. He knows he has reached his fame and fortune because of our love for him and his music. Garth never forgets what it is like to be a fan and this is why he has always been respectful to us and gives us his undivided attention. <P>Yes, his biggest fans are his darling daughters, and that's the way it should be. Let's not be greedy and give him the time he needs to fulfill his other dream of being the kind of dad to his girls that his dad was to him.<P>I can only speak for myself, but I will still be here waiting for Garth when he decides to return to the limelight. Planet Garth will still be here, and we have spread the word to him through numerous sources that PG is behind Garth 100%....we may even see him join us here from time to time.<P>So please....Keep on Believing in the Power of Garth...He needs this time to "settle his own soul." He will not forget us and we will not desert him. <P>~Yankee<BR> <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Arial">quote:</font><HR>"As long as one heart still holds on, hope is never really gone"<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>N

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    AZYankee...<P>I agree completely with you. Yep... and if Garth is home more... we'll all have a better chance of meeting him at the gate! *lol* Unless they decide to leave Nashville to maybe be closer to Garth's dad or elsewhere... but I'm sure he'll always be as happy to meet with fans as he has always been no matter where he is.<P>And you make a great point about him maybe moving to smaller venues in a few years... I'd love to see Garth in a smaller theater.N
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    Yankee,<P>You put into words everything I was thinking and feeling. <P>TerriN
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    Hey Yankee, I knew I could count on you! :)<BR>{{HUGS}} to you, my PG friend!<P>Peace, Love, and God Bless.<BR>AmyN
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    Well said. I will be a Garth fan always. To have the opportunity to meet him would be a high point in my life. I hope he doesnt leave Nashville cause I want to go there next summer and see his house and maybe get to meet him at the gate.N

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