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Thread: Does Anyone Have a Tape of C & C??

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    Does Anyone Have a Tape of C & C??

    <B>HELP!!!</B><BR>Does anyone have a tape of this infamous show? I do not get cable so cannot see Crook and Chase - but I simply <B>MUST</B> see him tell all about it!! Pelase email me if you are able to help!! <I>*on knees begging here*</I> ;)<BR>I am more than willing to send postage and the fee for making a copy if anyone is able to do that - <B>PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!</B><P>I am sad yet <B>VERY PROUD</B> of Garth for putting his family first. I would be extrememly disappointed if he just let the family fall apart and didn't cherish the great gift they all are. :D<P><B><I>GOD BLESS YOU GARTH!!</I></B> :)<P>Take Care and always believe in the dream!<BR>Theresa ;)N

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    I would like a copy of that tape as well, if you can find one. I can be emailed at either RIPKENJRFN@AOL.COM or NO1GBrooksFan@AOL.COM. Thank you.N

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    I'm looking for one too!! Or any info on a rerun so I can tape it myself. I would copy for you if there is a rerun. <BR>Peace!! Denise<BR>DMORIN1956@aol.comN

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