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Thread: What is going on here??

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    What is going on here??

    First Celine Dion, now Garth. The two biggest people in the music industry are leaving us. What will happen to music? It is people like them that keep music clean. What do you think (not as far as missing them)will happen to music? Do you think others will file suit?<P>JenN

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    I think Capitol is down the drain if Garth quits and a lot of artist will be left out without deals, specially artist like Ty England. Of course the music industry will suffer. I don't understand why they can't make albums still though.<P><BR>Celine is just taking a 2 year break she said but I don't think other artist in Country will follow Garth if he retires because the other artist don't run as fast as him anyways and I really think if it was so easy to just get out others would have already.<BR>N

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