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Thread: The Hits

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    The Hits

    I was in Half Price Book Store this last weekend and I came across a cd copy of The Hits for just $1. Now, I own every release he ever had but I've never been one to have multiple copies just for collecting purposes like some of y'all do. That being said, you can be sure I bought it lol.

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    Ilike to have duplicate copies of the cds just in case something happens to one. The price and scarcity make me grab a couple extra just in case. That is on top of collecting them. :-) Good deal for a $1.

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    Half price book store, never heard of it, but does that mean the real cost of the Hits was 2 dollars?
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    lol no, the original cost (at least in 1994) was like 11-12$ I think (could be wrong on that but it was something like that)
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