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Thread: Why Only 1 Certification?

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    Why Only 1 Certification?

    Yes its about nubers. Yes I was in Dialysis. And yes i am curious.
    I had noticed when I was looking at Garth's certifications on the RIAA site that he only has one single certified for gold/platinum.
    You'd thing for all his standards in the Garth songbook that he'd have at least a couple more with FILP or the dance or Thunder Rolls?
    Yet only the Chris Gaines single, Lost in You is a certified title.
    Has garth chosen not to have his songs not certified? I know he doesn't sell his singles but he is doing streaming with Amazon and radio stations are playing his catalog music.
    I'd think he'd be close on some of his recent singles including Dive Bar.
    Which also got me thinking about FUN. With the radio play and streaming, will Garth have built in numbers for FUN? They count every 10 or 12 stream as an album sale, so it will be interesting how many albums he will be credited for.
    And again, how many will the FUN bundle be credited for when it is finally released. I mean people signed up for that thing almost 3 years ago.
    I think its funny that I couldn't pass math yet I am crazy about his numbers.
    But we should find out soon what is coming this Christmas season and how it will change his certification numbers. Triple Live will definetly help being aa 3 disc album. And if he does several covers along with a 1st/special edition, that will pump u his numbers. Add FUN to the mix with a first/special edition/hologram cover and that should pad the numbers.
    And if he would just certify all his catalog who knows how high he will go and how close to 200 million he will be.
    hell, just getting Triple Live and Fresh Horses to Diamond, getting Ropin and No Fences to Double Diamond would be cool. Only the Eagles have 2 Double Diamond with Greatest Hits and Hotel California. Garth has 1 with Double Live and is 2 million short with No Fences. Add Ropin and he would be the only artists with 3 double Diamonds.
    Will be exciting to watch. With Double Live at 9th and No Fences at 13th , not bad. Plus if he can get No Fences to 21 million he would have the 2 biggest selling country albums passing Shania Twain who is second to Double Live.

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    You sort of answered your own question. The reason he only has one single certified is simple, he has only ever sold one single commercially (as a product to buy) to my knowledge, "Lost In You".

    The only other ways to get singles certified is by digital sales (which he doesn't do for individual tracks) and streaming (which he only does on Amazon - which has nowhere near the reach as something like Spotify or Apple Music when it comes to music streaming). It also takes 75 million streams to get a gold certification and 150 million streams of a song to get a platinum certification on streaming alone. My guess is since they are only available through Amazon is they haven't reached those levels. If I'm wrong and they actually have there could be another reason. That is I'm not sure he honestly cares about single certifications. He is clearly focused on the success of the album and not much else.

    One other point that I keep making is I think people misunderstand how difficult it is to get certifications. In music history only 5 artists have crossed the 100 million album threshold. Only FIVE!!!! Billy Joel is the next closest artist to crossing that 100 million threshold and he is 15.5 million away. That shows you just how hard it is to hit that number. That is why when 200 million is discussed I just don't see it. I think it is going to be brutal for Garth to figure out how to come up with 26 million to catch the Beatles. To me it is clear he is having difficulty getting a standard retailer to scoop up a million physical copies of a box set with 10 discs in it so he can artificially pad his numbers.

    Ultimately my point is, he MAY catch the Beatles but I think it is going to be difficult. As I have said before, who says that when/if he does that the Beatles don't just re-certify their entire catalog. Most of their albums are WAY past due and I think if they were up to date they'd be so far ahead he couldn't catch them.

    I LOVE the numbers. Been studying them all my life, but I personally think Garth should be proud of where he is and just let the numbers play themselves out naturally. Of course, history has shown he will never do that just like he will never do the things we want like releasing box sets more like Metallica (with "new"/unreleased stuff) instead of rehashing material.

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