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Thread: Much Too Young

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    Much Too Young

    I know everyone has heard the story about this song but it is my favorite of all-time. Great article about song.


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    an interesting article for sure, though I did roll my eyes at this inaccurate statement, though they tried to then immediately correct their own mistake in the article

    The song also helped launch the recording career of Chris LeDoux, the singer and former bareback champion who was well-known to the rodeo world, but not to the general public, despite the fact that he had already recorded about 20 albums.
    .. I'm sorry, but a man who'd recorded a bunch of albums.... (yes I think he was selling them out of his car if memory serves, I don't really know that point.. ) did not need 'launching' for his recording career- he already had a recording career.. what Much Too young may have done was bring exposure for him and opened a few doors.. it did not launch his recording career.. it may have led him to a major label signing a few years later perhaps.. but it didn't launch his recording career (Ledoux's)
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    Top 5 best garth song ever. I could listen to it all day

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