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Thread: Interesting Article On Las Vegas and Presser....

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    Interesting Article On Las Vegas and Presser....

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    For those who don't want to have to go take off their adblocker if you have one, so you can actually read the article on the site..

    Quote Originally Posted by review Journal article
    Garth Brooks’ Aug. 22 show at Allegiant Stadium — the one that sold out 65,000 tickets in 75 minutes in March — is still scheduled at Allegiant Stadium. At 8 a.m. Pacific Time on Wednesday, Brooks is hosting a news conference on his Facebook page.
    Maybe these events are related. Brooks’ show is still set to open Allegiant Stadium. Of course, this show is the longest of shots, as large-scale concerts have not been approved in Gov. Steve Sisolak’s reopening protocols.
    Allegiant Stadium officials have not responded to emails asking for specifics about Brooks’ show or his news conference.

    Last week, after Allegiant Stadium was issued its temporary certificate of occupancy, reps indicated the event is still going forward as planned. It is conceivable Brooks could hold the Aug. 22 date, refund the tickets and stage a closed pay-per-view, livestream event.

    Such a show would be a very “Brooks” move. On June 27, the country superstar performed a pre-recorded concert for more than 300 drive-ins across the country, including West Westwind Las Vegas Drive-in.

    Brooks wrote in a Facebook post from his home Studio G, “On #StudioG we take you everywhere with us week-by-week — this Wednesday at 10 a.m. CT is a part of that entertainer journey! You are all invited to the press conference! love, g.”

    Brooks’ most recent similar news conference was in 2018, when he and former Notre Dame football coach Lou Holtz announced Brooks’ stadium concert at Notre Dame Stadium. He referred to that effort during his video posted Monday.

    “But this one’s going to be a lot more one-on-one … a lot more intimate. And dealing with something not as ‘commercial’ as that, but something a little more along the personal lines meets career lines.” Brooks offered no other clues, but he did sing “Here I Am” by Patty Loveless, on acoustic guitar, on the spot, responding to a fan’s Twitter request. The guy’s great.
    Hmm.. I admit, that would be something I hadn't even thought of- a closed 'show' at allegiant stadium... a supersized drive in type of show but more of a full concert.... maybe they could do the stadium show on DVD/streaming, who knows.. well, at least that would be more positive than what its feeling like the presser will be about tomorrow
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