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Thread: Will Garth Follow Taylor Swift????

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    Will Garth Follow Taylor Swift????

    Taylor Swift announced her new album to be released tonight. It was a surprise album she recorded during the pandemic. She is going for the numbers as she is having 8 different vinyl and CD covers. I wasn't sure if it was 16 different covers, but it sounds pretty cool.
    (Items with multiple options for purchase include eight different vinyl packages and eight different deluxe CD packages, each set with unique artwork and unique photos. )

    As a collector I'd be in heaven trying to get all those covers if Garth did something like that. It will be interesting if Garth did something in that vein for FUN. The First Edition thing is always cool but the different covers for Double Live was FUN to collect.

    She is also doing a bunch of bundling things to beat the change by Billboard charts. It will be interesting to see what he says at the upcoming press conference.

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    honestly? I dont' think Garth is that needy, greedy, or shallow to do something like Taylor's evidently doing. I wouldnt' be against a surprise album drop.. (lol would be nice) but all the other stuff you mentioned?

    I think it's fair to say that nope- not likely
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