Well this isn't something I thought about during dialysis but Garth related. I was in a deep sleep during the 4 hours I was on the chair. It is hard to get decent sleep with the alarms constantly going off but I guess I was tired. Don't remember most of the dream but I had woken up and someone had left me a package. I opened it and inside was several Garth CDs. The cool thing about them was they were holographic covers that played a loop of garth playing in concert. I don't know if that makes sense. But it was cool. It showed Garth playing Standing Outside the Fire with the flames shooting up and Garth playing guitar with the band. I picked up a second disc and it had a different holographic scene with Garth. No title on the covers but I figured out it was Triple Live.If that technology was available that would be a cool way to sell CDs. Mini scenes of Garth playing songs from Triple Live. I know it probably can't be done and would be very expensive. But it was pretty cool holding the cover listening to Garth play snippets of his songs on each cover. :-)