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Thread: Negative article on Drive in show

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    Negative article on Drive in show


    They always seem to find something negative to say about Garth. 🙄

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    That site is a sack of crap. Always has been.

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    I came across this article today too. It's pretty critical but it does voice some of the things that have been expressed on PG before. I didn't go so I don't know how it actually was. Just over an hour of Garth does seem kind of like BS and it mentions how it was already prerecorded which was one of the things that turned me off. But if you are a Garth fan then your just happy to see him in a different format like that while he's not able to tour.

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    hmm- I gotta read the article a bit more in depth than a casual glance.. but yeah, the guy's pretty "triggered" (no pun on his name intended maybe) about things Garth wise.. dont' know if it's the same 'trigger' that was on pg back in the day or not, but yeah the articles negative.. (at least at first read)
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    Trigger has always been massively negative about Garth, but he is right with this statement he made..

    "This is the level of obsession Garth Brooks has with perfection, which might make the performance mistake free, but sanitizes and cans it, which scrubs out everything cool about the live music experience—the spontaneity, the realness, the possibility of mistakes as performers work without a net, and the forgiveness of the audience for such things because they know what they’re seeing is raw and in real time."

    Those that were lucky enough to go to his shows in the early-mid 90s, saw the rawness, and the spontaneity, you never knew what was going to happen next.

    Now with everybody having cell phones, Garth knows every move he makes will be recorded, unlike back in the 90's.

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    Wow that guy hit the nail straight on. $100 for an hour? No way man thatís ridiculous. I agree on the pre recorded, it sounds sterile point also. I passed on this because if I wanted to watch a recorded garth concert I can put on in my DVD player. He is right when he says being live means we are in this moment together. I would still like to know what garth made on this whole thing.

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