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Thread: Complete List of Tour Dates from the Early 1990's?

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    Complete List of Tour Dates from the Early 1990's?

    Hi everyone, long time no see! It's been quite awhile since I was able to log in to the forum and participate in threads but I have still been a faithful reader!

    I hope I'm putting this question in the correct place, but my mom and I have been discussing the first time she took me to see Garth in we think the years 1990-1993 (I would have been 2,3, or 4 and I was born in 1988) and we went in College Station, TX during this time. We have both looked online for info on those tour dates to see if we could find the exact one but we just keep finding info on the dates in College Station in 1998, which we also went to but it was our 3rd time seeing him by that time.

    This is a special date for us because we stayed around after the show and Garth came into the stands to meet his fan club and we got to meet him! I was so young but I definitely remember interacting with him, I was a huge fan then and I still am now, 30 years later! We unfortunately did not have a camera then and my mom cannot find her ticket stub or the date for that written anywhere.

    I have exhausted my google skills trying to find any info, does anyone here have a list of shows for the early 90's or know where I can look? Thank you so much in advance!

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    have you checked setlist.fm? that may have some ideas as to dates, etc.. from that time.. (I've not looked THAT far back but it's possible..). I know Garth was in Pueblo, CO in sept. (or late August) of 1993

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    Iím not sure if the correct attachment will show up, but Garth performed at the G. Rollie White Coliseum in College Station, Texas on April 19, 1991. The members of Planet Garth created a hardcover, bound Tribute Book back in 2001, and one of the sections listed all his concert dates through 1998. If the attachment doesnít come through and you want me to send you the page via email, send me a private message with your email address, and Iíll send it to you.

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