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Thread: I'm the Biggest Dumbass in History

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    I'm the Biggest Dumbass in History

    So, a few months ago, I had a thread, "The Hunt for the Garth tapes"

    Part of my Hunt was looking for a News report from New Zealand that aired two days AFTER Garth Brooks's
    New Zealand concert in 1994, I was looking for a Interview from a news show that AIRED two days after
    Garth's New Zealand show.

    I was after all this because both clips show footage from his concert.

    I searched all sorts of video file sharing services, I posted messages on various NZ message board.

    I emailed the Government department that has archive of NZ shows, ( They could tell me the date
    of the show and how long each portion was etc etc, but didnt have the rights to put it on line)

    So while I was in lockdown here, I thought I know I will have a good clean up of my house.

    I went thru boxes and boxes and threw some stuff away, I saw an old VHS video tape,
    that I had written "Garth Brooks" on it.

    I thought, well I got all his stuff on DVD, I dont need an old video tape, I threw the tape out with
    the rest of the Trash, the garbage man came and took all my trash away.

    Then I freakin realized, That Tape had the two shows on it!!!

    I had it in my possession all along, and I threw it out.

    I blame lockdown fever for not thinking straight.

    Heck Im one step away from buying magic beans from the crazy guy down the road.

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    Awwwww... so sorry for your loss!

    And stay away from those magic beans! LOL!
    The sevens have aligned. It has begun...

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