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Thread: So Where Does Garth Go Next To Pad His Album Sales?

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    So Where Does Garth Go Next To Pad His Album Sales?

    So we all know Garth is into numbers. He is competitive and likes to be #1. So how does he get the rest of his catalog into Diamond Status and a couple more into Double Diamond status? He will probably push the ones in a Legacy part 2 vinyl/boxed set, include a couple (especially recent albums) on one of the Anthology sets, a Diamond boxed set when In Pieces and the Chase reach Diamond status and maybe Fresh Horses.
    I mean besides a Diamond Boxed set (vinyl/CD) can he really put out a boxed set of his early catalog again? What options are left besides releasing only new music? And his track record with the past two albums isn't that great. I can see a rareties type album of his songs with other artists on one album.And can he get Ropin' and No fences to 20 Million to join Double Live as a Double Diamond. Will he release the vinyl from Legacy 1 as individual albums after the Legacy 1 boxed sets sell out?
    Legacy 2, Anthology 2 and Triple Live is catalog stuff, what direction will he go with new music. I would be interested in seeing what others think he will do at this point in his career.

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    I think we'll see a Legacy 2 with GB, Sevens, Ropin, Scarecrow, maybe Man Against Machine?

    Triple Live will get a release by itself.

    This is just my opinion , but anything he releases physical needs to be on cd and vinyl along with a digital version . It would be nice if he'd go on itunes, but he won't.

    I think it would be a smart move to sell any albums digitally before putting them up on streaming (when it comes to the new stuff ). I personally wish he'd release the songs on Anthology 1 on Amazon music.
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