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Thread: The Hits 2

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    The Hits 2

    So, if Garth were to put out a second Greatest Hits collection (ala 'The Hits'). what should be on it?

    the last one had 18 tracks in the US version, and 20 tracks in the European version

    If Garth went along the lines of most artists (GASP... it could happen ) and his own 'Hits' album, he'd likely release all the singles that were sent to radio.. (or the best selling ones at least..

    Garth seemed to have 20 singles from the time of Fresh Horses, up through The Ultimate Hits collection (which I guess could supersede this idea)

    if these are the 'hits' released..

    She's Every Woman
    The fever
    The Beaches of Cheyenne
    The Change
    It's Midnight Cinderella
    That Ol Wind

    Longneck bottle
    She's gonna make it
    Two Pina coladas
    You Move Me
    Do What you Gotta Do

    Why Aint I Running
    Wrapped Up In You
    Squeeze Me In
    When You Come Back To Me Again
    Thicker than Blood
    Good Ride Cowboy
    More than a Memory

    Midnight Sun
    Workin for a Livin

    then perhaps you could leave off 'midnight sun and workin for a livin' with the 'US version' and put out a European version with them included..

    heck if we r gonna speculate, might as well do this too!
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    Now thats a great collection of songs.

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