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Thread: The new stage

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    The new stage

    He said its 360, so Im guessing it means its more in the middle of the field. Am I right with this?

    Last year, he also said of his entrance... "Can drum kits fly?"

    Going to be interesting to see what his entrance is going to be like.

    From what I can remember we have had...

    Smoke, walking up from a hole in the stage.
    Glass elevator
    Stiletto shadow imagine
    raising from the stage

    There was also a different type of entrance for his LA charity concerts, the stage roof lights came down.

    Any guesses on what this year will bring.

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    As I said in the Studio G thread, wow so impressed with the new stage, must of cost a fortune, a lot of thought it seems went into the design.
    Really hats off to Garth and his people for it.

    As for what the entrance is, I think hes coming down from the lights!!

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    Looked at the video aagin of the new stage, I think its safe to say, he wont be coming up from the floor, there is no room, he has said something along the lines
    of "if he survives the entrance" I think hes making the entrance from the roof.

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    I've been waiting for someone to upload a video of the beginning and I finally found a clip someone posted of it on Instagram. If you don't want it spoiled don't read the rest of my post.

    When the vocals for All Day Long starts, Palmer's drum set starts raising up. Garth emerges below it looking like he's the one pushing the drum set up and then he runs out from under it as the chorus starts. It actually looked pretty cool.

    I think my favorite entrance is probably still the Man Against Machine entrance during the first part of his comeback tour just because it was so badass and there was so much hype but this one is pretty cool cool. Definitely better than him just coming out of the floor like he's been doing so far on the stadium tour.

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