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Thread: Eminem's new album (just a tiny bit Garth related so I have put it here)

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    Eminem's new album (just a tiny bit Garth related so I have put it here)

    I know nothing at all about rap, the only rap album I ever bought was
    MC Hammer's you cant touch this and liking will smith.

    The people I know, either call him a Genius and say he is brilliant, or they say
    he is the most over hyped narcissistic artist in History and there are so many
    more rappers doing better.

    My point is hes recently just dropped an album with no hype, that had 20 songs on it,
    and its exploded on the music scene and gone viral as they say.

    Im thinking with Garth's album Fun, if it just ends up being 12 songs, and the songs that
    we havent heard yet are ordinary, it will get no traction, and I think the album is in danger
    or flopping big time, both in terms of its life on the charts, and with the critics.

    On the other hand, if the songs we havent heard are special, he will be back as an album artist.

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    I think Eminem is an extremely talented writer, he is also always looking for ways to "shock" his audience, he is very blatant and offers his unsensored (sp.?) meaning on everything. So I guess it makes sense that his new album made a bang.

    For the last few years, Garth has had very few great songs, he is all talk (about FUN) and no action. I have no hope that this album will be making a bang at all. Not with me and not with the rest of the world. The video of Dive Bar is fun, I have to admit, but the song itself doesn't really do it for me.
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