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Thread: Just Wow.....

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    Just Wow.....

    Had a doctors appointment in SLO and had my cousin take me to the local Record store Boo Boo Records. Went to the country section to see what they had for Garth in the new and used section. Nothing. Zip. Zero. Nada. I asked the old guy at the counter if they had any Garth and he said nope. Asked him why and he said no demand. Sad.

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    not really surprised. Between Garth's controlling ways, his deals w/ amazon, his time(s) w/ Walmart and target, and added to it the fact that he doesn't really cater hardcore to new fans with new music (he's transitioning.... to nostalgia act it seems) but rather the casual old fan.. there's no demand... most of his fanbase has bought his whole catalog over and over..
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