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Thread: I get it.... I finally get it..

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    I get it.... I finally get it..

    I can say this after watching the biography on Garth (both parts)..

    regarding the retirement debacle.... (may be time to re-word that I think... let me say the 'decision'..).

    I get it... FINALLY, after just shy of 20 years.... I finally, really GET IT.. I know on the surface why he did it.. I know what was said, what's been discussed, and how admiring fans were... but I finally, truly GET IT.. Hearing him talk about it/seeing it.. seeing Sandy talk about it.. seeing his daughters talk about it...

    I get it... and I wish I had the same ability to do the same with my kiddos...
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    Yes that finally cleared everything up for me as well.
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    I did from day one. As bittersweet as it was, I was so proud he put being a dad first. It's one of the things I've always admired the most about him, having grown up myself w/a father that I was quite honestly relieved to get out of my life at 17. He puts 150% into anything he chooses to do, and at that point that focus had to go towards the girls, or they'd have really grown up w/o much of a father at all. The only thing I disagree w/is him saying any parent with the opportunity would do the same. I know first hand that's not true!
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