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Thread: Why Did Garth choose A & E for his Doco?

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    Why Did Garth choose A & E for his Doco?

    I know they have done Doco's before? I'm guessing they approached him, and
    it wasn't a case of him shopping the idea around.

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    I wonder if he wanted more than the usual hour they do on other artists because he likes to do things big and he was just waiting to yes when one of the networks approached him with that idea.

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    A production company had the idea and pitched it to A & E.

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    If you believe everything Garth says (cough cough ) there's also the fact that if it's a Biography type of documentary.. A&E has done such a good job with their biography series he wanted them to do it..

    I think it's prob. more aligned to what Garthmedic said and perhaps a bit of wanting the longer timeframe too...

    Would be nice to see eventually a rather authoritative and 'unbiased' biography written of Garth too. lol the Anthology stuff- doesn't cut it- other books telling his story.. ehh read em all ...
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