As I have mentioned before, I have to sit in dialysis for 5 hours 3 times a week. It gets boring watching the blood go in and out. Plus I hate the sight of blood. LOL. So I think a lot to take off my mind from the process. So I was thinking, if Garth wants people to trade covers, does that mean he will be releasing Triple Live vinyl individually? I mean, most people want their sets to stay intact, so in order to get a full set, you need an option besides hoping someone will give up covers from there collection. That got me to think that maybe he is releasing more than 500,000 boxed sets. Same reasoning. Told you, dialysis is boring. Get your kidney functions checked out regularly. Which brought me to my other thought and it has been mentioned by others. Is Garth getting ready to retire again. He has a five set anthology, he has Legacy 1 and probably 2. He is getting to the twilight years where he may want to relax and maybe do a charity show or concert. That is why he isn't going gung ho on releasing FUN or new music. Or maybe he wants to start a new. Well thanks for reading. Just wanted to share.