As we all know there are 6 different covers for Triple Live in the Legacy box set. I know there are some here, including myself, who enjoy the whole prospect of collecting the different covers. I was fortunate enough to land a copy of all 10 (11 of you count the reissue) covers for Double Live back in the day.

I would love to figure out a way to trade (or maybe even purchase at a fair price) covers I don't get. I'm sure others would too. If anybody has any ideas about the best way to go about this I'm all ears.

I would be totally up for just trading, but since I'm only buying 3 boxes (one of each) the 3 covers would obviously be three I'd need to keep. Anyways, just kind of throwing it out there of what would be a way we could do this among our little community. Would be great if we could figure it all out where everyone could find the covers they want.