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Thread: A & E Official Trailerfor the Road Im on

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    Hmmm, the trailer didn't do much for me but it's just a trailer. Didn't give me the sense of building up like say Elvis' The Searcher did but that's just me.

    If I don't have cable, will this be able to be viewed online or via their app?

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    It looks awesome !!
    And on top of this .... that entire week is Garth week on A&E?? Yes !!!
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    I am thinking the third night he hinted at is going to be a concert

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    Quote Originally Posted by randa16 View Post
    I am thinking the third night he hinted at is going to be a concert
    Thats what Im thinking too.

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    If Garth is right and it contains a lot of Unseen footage from his early days, then this Doco is going to be one to watch.

    Im guessing A & E have a great reputation for doing their docos.

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    The trailer is using a lot of the neon themes that have been used with Fun... so I am going to assume that Fun will be released to coincide with this Doc as a way to cross-promote each other.

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    It makes sense, If nothing else, to have fun coincide w/ the release, (as Garth mentioned it would be "garth week" and that is also Garth's favorite Black Friday timeframe too
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