With Garth releasing 3 musical products, which will be #1 or will all 3 make it? He is so weird about releasing numbers it is hard to guess. I look at the numbers when new charts are released weekly but its a head scratcher. On all forms (basically hot 200) you can sell around 120,000 sea and tea to be #1. But if you go by just traditional album sales, 50,000 is a good number to hit #1. This week Ed Sheeren stayed at #1 with 74,000 combined sales with streaming, download etc. He was also #1 in traditional album sales with 17,000. Kinda sad. But it will be great if Garth releases all the numbers. Especially with Legacy. He has sold so many pre orders that it could probably rule the roost easily. Pre orders for FUN could also give the top of the charts a run for the money along with stand alone sales. Then Triple live the dark horse. If he bundles the albums, FUN and Triple Live, it should have a chance. So with Soundscan, Garth needs 26 million sold to hit 100 million mark, the first artist to do so on actual sales since Soundscan began counting. As for the RIAA, Garth could be the first to hit 200 million with Legacy (42 discs and vinyl), the Triple Live, FUN and his pushing of The Chase, and In Pieces. Plus Amazon is rea;; pushing The Ultimate Hits. That could also make him way in the lead for Diamond Status. But again, Garth has to release the numbers. So it will be an interesting last quarter of the year. Plus other things will alter the sales. Will he have Limited Editions? Will there be bundling? Will 6 covers of Triple Live be anticipated like Double Live? I can't even begin to count how many copies I will end up buying. Good thing I am selling my car since I can't drive anymore. It will be fun to rearrange the Garth shelfs once everything happens.