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Thread: Experts Blame Pop Influences for Country Radio’s Low Ratings

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    Experts Blame Pop Influences for Country Radio’s Low Ratings

    I know there's been a big debate over the state of Country Music as a whole and that debate has reached over here, and Saving Country Music has a detailed description of how the pop influences in today's country are to be blamed in the decline of radio station ratings. I'm post gonna post the article and see what y'all think: https://www.savingcountrymusic.com/e...s-low-ratings/

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    A very interesting article- can't say I disagree with a whole lot of it..

    the music sounds too pop, lacks distinctiveness and isn’t generating interest or conversation in the broader culture.
    .... the article makes a great point here... too much of country music nowadays does lack distinctiveness!

    But the other reality the low ratings expose is that radio is losing its importance as the primary driver behind an artist’s career, at least at the mainstream level. Though radio still draws a massive audience and can be important to a mainstream artist’s success, alternatives are opening up, and artists—women and men—are proving you can find success without radio support.
    also true! This is I think one area where Garth's stubborn reliance on what USED to work hurts him more than he knows... Radio's simply not what it used to be importance wise

    For years the complaints of country music’s more traditional fans have been scoffed off as the outdated pleadings of listeners unwilling to evolve with the times, while the philosophy of many pundits in the media, as well as at radio and labels, was more pop was needed to appeal to a wider audience. But pop radio already has the pop segment of the market cornered, and can do it better than country ever could. Offering music and artists that are unique in the marketplace is how country can distinguish itself from the rest of radio, and succeed.

    The pendulum that is country music has swung far , far from the traditional end of the spectrum and has now swung almost to the extreme in the other direction.. it'll find it's way back again, somehow, but will fans still be there to care about the format?
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