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Thread: A reminder of why I love Garth

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    A reminder of why I love Garth

    So with some negativity around Garth and yes I have fallen into that trap in the past few years, but I still consider myself a loyal fan and I got a special reason to why that is:

    I am 30 years old, an 89 baby and a 90's kid, I am also on the High-Functioning spectrum of Autism. I am as close to a normal adult as I can get, but I still deal with repetition, loss of temper, I don't like loud noises and I never had a girlfriend. But the reason why my autism isn't as worse as it could have been, was solely because of Garth and my grandparents introducing me to him thanks to his first ever TV Special. Garth helped break a good chunk of my autism shell and made me the man I am today.

    That's why I'm still loyal to him through the years, yes I've disagreed with how he's done things in the past few years, but I'm loyal to him the same way I'm loyal to Jack Ingram and how the latter singer saved my life 13 years ago.

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    How did Jack Ingram save your life? I find your reminder of why you love Garth very rewarding in that it reminds me of why i love him even though i question stuff hes done in the past few years, thank you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    How did Jack Ingram save your life?
    It was 9/11/2006 I was on my way home from school and on my way to pick up my little sister, her school bus usually drops her off at the house of a friend of hers and my job is to pick her up. But seeing as how there was a wait time I decided to head to my Wal-Mart to pick up Live: Wherever You Are by Jack Ingram because I had been taking a serious interest in him and his music. Prior to all that happening, I had a very severe case of teenage depression, that had gotten to a boiling point due to an incident that I won't get into details of, so don't even ask. But what I can tell you is that there was a point where I wanted to be alone and my family wouldn't leave me alone so I figured if I killed myself maybe they would leave me alone. This teenage depression was so bad, that not even my go-to singers Garth and Strait could help me, I was getting pretty much bored with them. If I was getting bored with them, I was pretty much on my way to getting bored with everything and that is never a good sign.

    Now back in the day, Jack Ingram had a reputation for being an angry singer, and Live: Wherever You Are was a perfect display of that reputation and after a few listens, everything that I was feeling was perfectly mirrored by Jack's live album. Everytime I sung along to that record, I screamed whenever he screamed and felt what he was feeling and a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

    Which goes to the big reason of WHY I DO NOT LIKE BRO-COUNTRY: Because Jack became a victim of that wave, he was one of the few people that was trying not to chase trends (albeit Barefoot and Crazy was a trend chasing song, but I actually liked that song). He should have been a bigger star instead of Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Blake Shelton. But the fact that those three singers combined with the STUPIDITY of Country Radio had screwed the man that saved my life and that's why I've been holding a grudge against country radio for so long because of that.

    That's why I do not listen to Dive Bar, because Blake Shelton screwed the man who saved my life.

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    It's amazing what music can do! I truly feel that Garth and his music saved my life. I discovered him in '92 when I was 14. I grew up with an extremely emotionally abusive father, and things were only getting worse as I got into my teens. Without really getting into it too much, there were a lot of times I didn't know how much more I could handle. While I instantly became a huge fan of Garth once I'd found his music, it took a long time to really understand how much he changed my life. The first interviews I saw with him, he was talking a lot about being a new dad at the time. Even more than the music, that had a profound impact on me. He just became my escape, my one happy place. And I don't even have words for the respect and admiration for him taking the time to raise his girls. I just hope to get to thank him in person some day!
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    Wow, I think I've heard snippets at some point of your story, Outcast but that's powerful man. Than you for sharing. I would like you to consider (even though I know it's not your cup of tea, I get that) to give 'dive bar' a chance.. I'm not saying go all in on it, in that manner. not necessarily. I'm saying it's (opinion here) not that bad a song. Yes, Blake Shelton's on it- but I think it's truly a case of Garth asked Blake, and its' a GARTH song, blake just happens to sing on it. that's what I take out of it- seeing ISG this week and seeing them talk a bit, knowing the apparent fandom level for Garth that blake has..... it's clear (to me at least) that this is a case of someone getting to 'sing with their idol' much the same way that Garth was able to sing with george jones, etc.

    I know (well, I believe) you are right in the 'getting caught in the wave' of bro country' bit... there were several artists who got caught in the trap, and who have either fizzled or who are still trying to rise to the top.

    if you like a traditional sound check out Craig Campbell... Outskirts of Heaven- THAT'S a good country song...

    Either way, thanks for sharing your story (again, if you've shared before) and letting me be a part of hearing it/reading it- You've made me decide to download / examine Jack Ingram a bit too...

    God bless ya man
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