So I know opinions have been divided on Man Against Machine, some of you calling it his weakest, some of you calling it his best. Personally I would've been in the middle had it not been for another album that came out around the same time that MAM came out (technically a month prior, but I digress). That album was a self-titled one by Wade Bowen, I bought it on release day, but I didn't want to listen to it until MAM came out so I could enjoy both albums at the same time.

But one week in, I decided to create a playlist that combined both albums together so I could easily get used to the songs lyrics for when I would drive around and sing along with them, I also included two tracks from Garth's other albums. The end result of my playlist made me enjoy both albums even more, to the point where I can't listen to one album without the other and wouldn't have it any other way.

I've talked about Wade Bowen being the best singer I found since Garth and even though he hasn't become a bigger star like I hope he would be, I think he and Garth would blend together perfectly if they worked a song together, or if Garth ever thinks of cutting one of Wade's songs in the future. But since that hasn't happened yet, I figured it'd be a good way to ease some of you people into Wade Bowen's music and sound by sharing my playlist with you all. Now in order to get Wade's album, your best bet is with Amazon Music because that's where Garth's music is home to. Hope you enjoy it.

(*)=Wade Bowen Track, (**)=Outside Garth Track
  1. Man Against Machine
  2. When It's Reckless*
  3. She's Tired of the Boys
  4. Sweet Leona*
  5. Don't Close Your Eyes**
  6. West Texas Rain*
  7. Rodeo and Juliet
  8. Fish
  9. Midnight Train
  10. Hungover*
  11. When I Woke Up Today*
  12. Cowboys Forever
  13. My California*
  14. You Wreck Me
  15. Mom
  16. Send Em On Down the Road
  17. Honky Tonk Road*
  18. People Loving People
  19. Welcome Mat*
  20. More Than a Memory**
  21. Cold Like That
  22. Sun Shines on a Dreamer*
  23. Long Enough to Be a Memory*
  24. All-American Kid
  25. Watch Her Drive*
  26. Tacoma
  27. I'm Gonna Go*