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Thread: New Trisha Single Coming June 6, 2019

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    New Trisha Single Coming June 6, 2019

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    So, the album isn't out yet, but "Every Girl in This Town" is on the charts already? These days I don't listen to much old-fashioned radio. As much as I want Trisha to be on the charts, and want to like all her stuff, when I Googled about the song it didn't really make me want to listen to it. I don't relate to the whole teen life = partying all night and falling in love for the first time thing - and I have some trouble with the premise that it's universal. It's not just that I'm out of that demographic...that wasn't my life when I was that age.

    I've heard some things about it getting a reception so far...one web site said a "career best" - in terms of how many stations picked it up. https://www.soundslikenashville.com/...irl-town-tour/
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